My Top 3: Steampunk Rules

Hi dear crafty friends! Today I want to share with you My Top 3: Steampunk Rules! I get a lot of questions from you who want to start creating steampunk projects but don’t know where to start. So today I want to help you sort all of this out with three simple rules for steampunk projects.       My Top 3: Steampunk Rules Style not material The first rule might be a little counter intuitive. The important thing about steampunk projects is not necessarily the material of items you add but their style. What I mean by style is the theme or the shape. For example use cogwheels made of chipboard is better than using hearts made of metal. Steampunk is all about mechanical, industrial and grunge that means lots of cogwheels, screws, clock parts, mechanical parts etc. Metal is also important but only if you don’t cover everything with paint. If you cover the project with paint or …

My Top 3: Art Journaling Page Ideas

Hi dear crafty friends! You might be surprised to hear this but even I get stuck or uninspired. I always have my art journal near by and I really love creating pages but even I sometimes stare at a blank page with no ideas. So today on My Top 3: Art Journaling Page Ideas.       My Top 3: Art Journaling Page Ideas These 3 ideas are always a good starting point when I have no ideas… 1. A quote Find inspiration in a favorite quote. I go online and do a search with a keyword I like and the word quotes. Then I get a list of great quotes with that word and at that point usually an idea will come to my mind. A quote is a great way to get inspiration not just for the text of the page but also for the design. For example the quote: Home is where the heart is inspires me …

My Top 3: Art Journaling Quick Fixes

Hi dear crafty friends! Today I’m sharing on My Top 3: Art Journaling Quick Fixes. Sometimes things don’t go as you plan even for me. I don’t like how my art journal page turned out or I’m stuck and don’t know how to continue. I have 3 ways of fixing that…     My Top 3: Art Journaling Quick Fixes 1. Start again This fix is kind of obvious. But how do you start again? The best way is to cover everything with white gesso and simple do the page from the beginning. If you do like parts of the page you can cover only part of it or some of the elements. If covering the page or part of it with gesso is not the solution then you can cover the part you don’t like with acrylic paints or a piece of tissue or pattern paper. Art journaling is very forgiving so you can always create a new layer …


  inside: best 3 tools to write text on mixed media projects   I made a beautiful canvas with lots of paint layers, stenciling and stamping. Then I added exture with modeling paste and some more stenciling. I wanted to finish the project with a cool quote but I couldn’t get it on the project. I ruined 3 pens and still couldn’t get my text on the project! Have you wvwe had this problem? I have 3 great ideas how to solve it!     WHY WRITING TEXT ON MIXED MEDIA PROJECT IS A PROBLEM   One of the most popular questions or problems people have when they create mixed media projects is how to write text on their project. When you use acrylic paints, gesso and other mediums on a project most of the pens will not work on these surfaces and you have a problem of writing something. This happens because: The surface isn’t COMPLETELY dry – and …

My Top 3: Art Journaling Techniques When I’m Stuck

Hi dear crafty friends!Today I’m starting a new series: My Top 3. This series is about my three favorite things for different craft projects, supplies, go to techniques and more. Today on My Top 3: Art Journaling Techniques When I’m Stuck. A post to help you art journal when you’re stuck and don;t know what to do!   My Top 3: Art Journaling Techniques When I’m StuckWhen I want to work in my art journal and I have no ideas or I’m stuck I have three go to solutions to help me get unstuck:WatercolorsMany times watercolors can be intimidating but I think it’s one of the best ways to start an art journal page. This medium is very forgiving and allows you to just add color to your page without any specific plan. All you need is to take your water brush and add the water color to the page. You can add the colors to parts of the page or to …

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