Single sheet of paper: Top 10 Mini Album

If you are like me, a fan of projects made from only a single sheet of paper, you must love all the pattern papers with the journaling cards on them. They are perfect for small, fast but great one paper projects! Here is a mini album I made from Victoria Gardens journaling cards paper by Echo Park as a DT project for My Punch Kit of the month club. You can do it too: 1. Cut the paper into two leaving the upper 8 journaling cards as one block. Leave the other part of the paper aside, we will use it later. 2. Make a slit in the middle of the paper piece two journaling cards across. 3. Make three fold lines starting from the left: first and third fold lines valley and the second middle fold line a mountain. 4. Fold the paper into a mini album. 5. Now you can use the remaining piece of journaling cards to …

Single sheet of paper: three cards

It’s that time again! The time for another great “one sheet of paper” tutorial. This month I had to go to a few events and I made a few cards. That led me to think…how can I make beautiful cards and still save up my supplies. Well, the answer is to use one sheet of paper to design three different cards and the leftovers to create the embellishments. You will need: 1 sheet of double sided cardstock. A few embellishments like ribbon and buttons Cut a 12″ by 8″ rectangle. Cut it to three rectangles 4″ by 8″ each. Card #1: window card 1. Take one rectangle. Fold on the 2″ line and on the 6″ line to create two flaps that open outward. 2. Add a lace ribbon around the card. 3. Create a border from the remaining cardstock. 4. Add a spiral flower. You can find the instruction for the flower on the 101 Flower tutorial: spiral flower. …

Single sheet of paper: Growing Up mini album

It’s time for another great project made from a single sheet of double sided cardstock! A DT project created as part of the Kit of the month club for My Punch. Just the other day I was going over some photos of my kids and I suddenly realized how fast they grow. Time just flies and we hardly notice the minutes and the hours and suddenly here they are all grown up, going to school, playing with friends, not the little cute babies they were only yesterday… all of that inspired me to create a mini album with a message to my two boys, a message of love from their mom. The journaling reads: “just yesterday you were in first grade and already you go to the fifth grade. Your shoe size is already bigger than mine, you’re almost as tall as me and even your voice has started to change”. The journaling reads: “I remember when you were born, you were so …

1 sheet of paper tutorial: "Cute" flap mini album

Hello my friends! I got so many amazing responses on the first 1 sheet of paper tutorial; I decided to make it a monthly tutorial! That means each month I will teach you to make a different project using only one sheet of paper. I did this mini album as a DT project for My Punch kit of the month club. I only took pictures of the finished album, so for the tutorial I used plain white paper just to show the process. For the “Cute” mini album you will need: 1 sheet of double sided cardstockBind It All 1. Cut four 4″ by 8″ rectangles. You can fit 4 rectangles on one page if you cut three of them horizontally and one vertically. 2. Cut one rectangle in half, so you will have two 4″ by 4″ squares. 3. Make two fold lines on one rectangle: the first on the 2″ line and the second on the 6″ line. …

1 sheet of paper tutorial – Love Letters mini album

I really like scrapbooking and paper projects that are fun, fast, not expensive and beautiful. This got me thinking of different ways to make a project from only one sheet of paper. The idea is to create a project that can be made using only one sheet of paper and all the embellishments added to it will be only a suggestion and not a must. The first project is a cute mini album titled Love Letters. You will need: 1 sheet of double sided cardstock Embellishments – if you want 1. Cut three 4″ by 8″ rectangles. Fold them in half to create squares. 2. Adhere two of the rectangles back to back only near the edges of the paper, leaving a pocket. 3. Adhere the third rectangle on the outside, wrapping the other rectangles. Put the adhesive only on three sides of each square, leaving pockets facing sideways. 4. From the strip of paper remaining cut three tags: 4″ by …

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