Altered Steampunk Notebook

Altering things is so much fun and environmentally good because instead of throwing stuff away you reuse them, upgrade them and alter them into something new and exciting! I always have a small notebook with me to write ideas, doodle things and make lists, so instead of living it as it was I altered it into a steampunk extravaganza. This is a DT project for Spellbinders that I had a lot of fun creating!                                 Steampunk is basically a genre in art that combines Victorian age machines and mechanical parts with fantasy, science fiction and more to create art. So to create the steampunk look I used clock parts, springs, metal parts and embellishments in a collage of “moving” parts. I also created a dark look to the cover to enhance that look.                           …

Round Chest Drawer

Hello crafty friends!It’s time for another Saturday MIXTRAVAGANZA video tutorial!Today I’m so excited to share with you one of my greatest passion in crafting…paper engineering. This is a field where you design patterns and build things from scratch. Today’s project is beautiful and useful. We will be building a round chest drawer that can store your buttons, beads and embellishments. If you would like to have the pattern on the video contact me and I’ll send you a PDF file.This chest drawer is versatile and can be built in levels to have more storage. All you need is 2 disks, patterned paper and a piece of chipboard. Join me in this fun project! have fun creating!Einat


  Inside: how to make a configuration box with 3D objects and little found treasures   I have a confession to make… I’m a hoarder. My house is not full of stuff but I do have A LOT of metal embellishments that I collect from all kinds of places. Why I collect them is a good question – something about metal objects fascinates me especially when it comes to add them to mixed media and altered project. They have a really interesting look in a craft project that I can’t resist. However collecting is nice but what do you do with all the metal embellishments you have?   I found an answer… fill a configuration box!     WHAT IS A CONFIGURATION BOX   Configuration box is of a shadow box with compartments that can be filled with 3D objects. You can find wooden boxes ad chipboard boxes from various brands. Each brand has a different order and sizes for …


  Inside: how to alter a tin box steampunk style with the best mixed media technique   My oldest boy likes a type of chocolate that is sold in tin boxes of different shapes and sizes. I can hear you now… “knowing her, she probably keeps all of them…” and you’ll be completely right. I can’t help myself, I love boxes and I just have to keep them. My plans for these boxes are great, but most of the time they just sit on a shelf waiting for me to notice them and do something…       Altering boxes is part of a large craft genre called altered art.   ALTERED ART   Altered art is a popular form of craft where you take an existing object and change it into something else. This recycling and reusing of objects is versatile and can include almost any household item or a 3D object. Sometimes the change is dramatic, for example …

Maximize your supplies – Use your scraps!

Use your scraps! It’s good for the environment, it’s good for the pocket and it’s good for the soul (because it’s less clutter….). Here’s a layout I created from scraps and left over materials.                             Here are all the tips for creating a layout like that… 1. When you use leftover materials, the biggest problem will probably be the letters. Some of them were already used and you have to use what you have or mix up a few types of letters. This is why I started this layout from the title. When I was sure I had a fun title I picked my paper and my photo.                         2. Pick a paper that has a theme or build in embellishments, this way you will not have to add a lot of extra stuff. 3. I …

101 Flowers Tutorial #16: Duck Tape

Duck Tape? Yes, Duck Tape. In principal you can make a flower of almost any material you want, so why not duck tape? Now it comes in all kinds of colors and patterns  so it’s really fun and not expensive to work with and incorporate it in your projects. Here’s how it’s done: 1.       Cut a long strip of Duck tape. Fold it almost in half, leaving part of the tape’s sticky part exposed. 2.       Start rolling the Duck tape while wrinkling it. If the flower is not big enough you can add another strip and continue rolling and wrinkling. 3.       Add a bead, button or brad as a center. 4.       For a finishing touch add leaves. Have fun creating! Einat

101 Flowers Tutorial #15: Folded Paper Flower

Another fun and easy flower tutorial coming your way! This time it’s really simple to do and you can use your scraps! 1.       Punch 5 circles from double sided cardstock. It can be in any size, you can even use scalloped circles, as long as all five circles will be the same size. 2.       Take two circles. Fold the first one in half. Open and fold in half the other way, creating a cross shape. 3.       Open and fold in half again, creating a diagonal middle line in the middle of the cross. 4.       Flip the circle over and fold the last fold the same way. 5.       Repeat with the other circle. 6.       Repeat the process with the other two circles starting from the opposite side.  If you started with the green side up, now start with the blue side up. 7.       To create the petals of the flower, fold the middle line in and the other two lines out. …

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