Altered Tin Box Zettiology Style

A really fun project for you this week! An altered box, but not the common way you know of altering the outside with paint and embellishments. This alteration is only on the inside and in a very unique style of art called Zettiology, which was created by the artist Teesha Moore. Zettiology is basically a style of art that mixes the real world with the fantasy world. It’s all about creating fantastical images of creatures that have a human body with an animal head or vice versa. They all have large eyes, unlogical body features and parts that don’t go together in the real world. And they all “live” in a fantasy, colorful world, a world that gives you a feeling that you are not on earth anymore. Achieving this look is easy. All you need to do is mix and match different images, body parts and species. I took a girl’s body and gave her an owl face and …

12 Cards of Christmas 2015 – Explosion Card with Ann Butler Stamps

We’re almost through with making 12 cards for Christmas, and I had SO much fun! I don’t make a lot of cards and every time I’m doing this series I’m reminded how fun card making can be. It’s sometimes challenging to limit yourself to a card size 🙂 Today’s card is a really fun one with a surprise. When you open the card the paper inside “explodes” at you. I’ve used Ann Butler Faux Quilting Stamps to create an interesting pattern on the inside page and the Ann Butler’s EZ Dee’s letter stamps to add the word NOEL. Finally I used the little triangle stamps from Ann Butler faux quilting stamps to create a Christmas tree on the front of the card. I have to say that this series has challenged me. Since I don’t celebrate Christmas (I’m Jewish) I don’t have a lot of Christmas craft supplies like stamps, dies, papers etc. I also don’t want to buy too …


  Inside: how to make Christmas tags and gift card holders in one project from little paper bags.   You know I like to make life easy and creating something that can serve a few purposes is a great way to do that. I thought what if I can make a tag, a gift card holder and a card all in one project wouldn’t that be great? This way I’ll be able to choose what I want to use it for instead of making three different projects.     MAKING CHRISTMAS TAGS   Making Christmas tags is the second most popular paper project people make after cards. These handmade holiday cards change in shape, style, material and design so they can match any gift, decoration or table setting. You can make Christmas tags and use them for many purposes: Add gift tags to all your holiday presents and gifts Put it on wine bottle as tags Send or give it …


  inside: how to use leftover sticker sheets in your art journaling.   One of the most annoying things in crafting is sticker sheets! I’m not against them at all, they are useful for almost any type of craft but for some reason you are always left with letters you don’t need and need the letters that you already used. I don’t know who plans these things but they obviously doing a terrible job! I have a few of these half used sticker sheets and I decided to put an end to it and find a way to use them!     HOW TO USE EVERY LEFTOVER STICKER   The idea behind this technique is not to look at the letters as letters, but to look at them as a graphic shape. When you eliminate the meaning of the letter then it becomes a shape you can use in a different context and not in a word.   The technique …

Art Journal Page: Be Yourself

The best advice I ever got was to Be Myself. No masks, no costumes, no fake smiles just me. If someone will love me or accepts me it should be because they like me and not who they think I am. This art journal page is all about this feeling of self acceptance. I created a colorful background with sprays and stencils as the base for this spread. Then I started to add layers of colors. Bright and happy colors that would deliver this positive message. I cut face parts from a magazine and created a face. This artificial face is of course meant to make a point, a few points actually. How we are all made of so many things and facets and we are not just one layer. How we should be ourselves and not fit into pre designed molds someone decided for us and how artificial it looks when we do fall into these patterns and definitions. …


  Inside: how to make an altered Halloween spell book cover   I think the most fun projects I ever made were made for Halloween. I love all the creepy spooky stuff you get to add to everything and even if I don’t celebrate this holiday (like me, because I don’t in a country where this holiday is celebrated) it’s still fun. This altered Halloween spell book takes a little time to create and it will defenitely upgrade your spooky book shelf!.     SUPPLIES NEEDED TO MAKE THE HALLOWEEN SPELL BOOK   OLD BOOK   To create the Halloween spell book you’ll need to use an old book and alter it. For this project you can use any book you have – that means any language, size, page thickness etc. The only thing you must make sure is to use a hard cover book. This is a great opportunity to use a book you no longer need or read.I …

Art Journal Page: Your Mind is Amazing

Mor, my autistic son, had his 16th birthday a few days ago. I can’t believe he’s 16 already…His birthday made me think about the past 16 years from the day he was born and the journey we made from then to now. The journey with Autism. This is not an easy journey. Some people I meet try to hide their pity. They think this is a disease and they feel sorry for me and him. But the most important thing I’ve learned in the past 16 years is that not only do I not need to be felt sorry for. I’m proud, happy and honored to a mother of such an AMAZING boy! He has such a unique way of seeing the world and understanding it. And even when he doesn’t understand he doesn’t give up he finds his inner strength to cope with everything that the world throws at him. He is gentle, considerate and has a good heart. …

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