Inside: easy technique to bind a book without any sewing!   If you read a little about me you know I started scrapbooking because of my grandfather (you can read the full story here). But that is not the only thing I learned from my grandfather… he also taught me all about how to bind books, which he learned from his father. Every time I bind a book I think about all the history, tradition and craftsmanship in this task and it makes me smile. Binding books is indeed fun but it is also time consuming and not for everyone’s patience. So I wanted to come up with a way everyone could enjoy binding and make their own books.     BIND A BOOK TRADITIONALLY   Traditional book binding almost always involves some kind of stitching or sewing and that makes the process technical and time consuming. It doesn’t mean it’s not good or that you shouldn’t try it …

Water Color Art Journal Page

Watercolors are one of the easiest and fun ways to art journal. Although it can be intimidating to some people because it seems a lot more complicated than it really is. All you need is some water colors and a water brush. You can use a regular brush and dip it in water but I think using a water brush is easier.  Just try it on a piece of scrap paper and you’ll see how fun watercolors can be. I started my page with no plan or idea, I just knew I wanted to play with watercolors. Try to start with two colors and see how you like the result. Don’t mix too many colors or you’ll get brown mud. Spread the colors on the page and keep adding texture and interest with stamps and stencils. Make sure to dry each layer. If you want to add crisp, clear images use tissue paper or scrap paper and glue them down …


  Inside: how to make a textured mixed media canvas   Making mixed media canvases is one of my favorite projects to make. I love the creative freedom I have when I create not only of what I can add to it but how high can I go. Unlike cards or scrapbook pages when I make a mixed media canvas I don’t need to worry about keeping it thin or not bulky so I can add texture and a lot of it!     HOW TO ADD TEXTURE TO MIXED MEDIA CANVAS   Makig a textured mixed media canvas is easy and you can make it with a lot of materials: Modeling paste Chipboard Found items Fabric Paper embellishments Art stones Beads Paint And more…   To learn more about how to make mixed media projects with texture you can check out: How to make an art journal page with textured background Make a textured steampunk frame Add texture with …

3,2,1 Recipe – Mixed Media Layout

I was So happy you liked the last video in this series and even happier that you asked me to do more! So here’s another recipe for a mixed media layout using 3 ingredients:3 Techniques for adding paper flowers on a layout2 Stencils1 Acrylic medium The purpose of these layouts is to show that you don;t have to use a lot of materials or fancy embellishments to create a beautiful layout. Sometimes we lose sight of what’s important and that is NOT the embellishments it is the photo, the story we’re telling! Everything around it is there to support the photo and the story. After all that’s why we’re scrappin’ right? 3 TechniquesThese are not new techniques, but it’s a good reminder to how paper is versatile and how much you can create from it. Of course there are more techniques out there, but I think these are the easiest and fastest. 2 StencilsStencils are a great way to add …


  Inside: fun and easy doodling and simple drawings ideas to make in your art journal without any special drawing skills   For someone who doesn’t know how to draw I try to draw as much as possible because I want to practice and I like it. I’m not embarrassed by the lack of satisfaction or finesse of my drawings and I am contented with the simple and naive look they have.     DOODLING AND SIMPLE DRAWINGS   Doodling or simple drawings are sometimes ridiculed or not even considered as art. You might think whatever you want but when it comes to art journaling and making expressive pages that say what you feel I say there are no rules and you can make any art you want!   HOW TO MAKE DOODLING AND SIMPLE DRAWINGS   When you don’t know how to draw you need some tricks to help you make the doodling and simple drawings: Keep it small …

Steampunk Altered Boxes Chest

You asked for altered art videos And you asked for steampunk projects videos so what’s better than combining the two? This was such a great project to make. I know I say that about all the projects I make but I really enjoy creating steampunk projects! Pure FUN!! This project almost didn’t happen. I was thinking what to do for this week’s Saturday MIXTRAVAGANZA video tutorial and my mind went blank. I couldn’t think of what to do, nothing came into my mind. I remembered you guys asked for altered stuff projects so I went to my studio and started going over stuff I have in my drawers. Nothing…my mind was empty! Whenever you have a situation like that the best thing is to stop thinking about it. Just leave it. The minute I let go it came…I’ll do a steampunk altered boxes and I’ll pile them one on top of the other and create a funky chest. As all …

Mixed media canvas – Fill Your Life

Sometimes it’s really fun taking things literally. Especially art. Usually art is something expressive that you can take to different directions and interpret how you want. But this mixed media canvas means exactly what it says… I started thinking one day about all the good things my life is filled with and how I never want them to end. Then i thought this could be a great subject for a “Wall of Inspiration” canvas. “If only I could actually fill something with these things…” But wait…I can! I remembered all these little bottles I have kept around (because I never throw anything away…) and knew they will be just the right thing for this canvas. You can use old perfume bottles and test tubes and you can also get them in craft stores. From that point everything was really quick and easy and doing the video was pure fun! Check out all the texture I created on the canvas with …

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