Mixed Media Art Journal Page: Flowers

Creating an art journal page always makes me happy. It inspires me not only when I create it but also afterwards, when I look at the page I created. That’s why I always try to add a quote or a sentence that speaks to me, a sentence that inspires me and lifts me up. This time I added a paraphrase of a quote made by the famous author Hans Christian Andersen who said that Just living is not enough one must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower. Well… I changed it a little. After all this is my art journal right? I created the back ground with stencils and a really fun technique called reverse stenciling. I added gesso, Gelatos and stamping. The more layers of color you add to your page the better it will look that’s what I always say. I added big circles with acrylic paint and sponge and smaller circles I created with Gelatos and a …

Funny scrappin'

This is my first DT layout for Scrapping Everyday Miracles. This month’s challenge was to create a lo about someone in our family who makes us laugh, who sais funny things. This is a lo about my cute beautiful niece and a very funny story from when she was two years old. When she was two years old we all went on a picnic. We saw some ants on the ground carrying food on their backs. We called her over to show her the ants and we said: “you see how the ant carries a lot of food on her back? It’s probably very heavy for the ant”. So she bent down, looked at the ant and said: “Do you need help? So cute, so naïve, so funny! What a considerate thing to say…to an ant…she was so serious and really wanted to help that poor ant! You can join this fun challenge at SEM blog, enter your layout and …

Messages from the past – Reach – DCC Hop

It’s the time to hop again with all of my fellow designer friends from the Designer Craft Connection! The theme this month is spring! Spring for me is Passover, a special time to be with family and learn the story about redemption. As you all know the story tells us about the Israelites slavery in Egypt and the miracle of their exodus led by Moses after the 10 plagues. This is a powerful historic story but it still has some lessons for us today. The people of Israel made the transition from slaves to a nation by pure faith. They left everything they knew and went forward. They reached out with their hearts, hands and minds and made a leap of faith. We need to do the same. We need to reach out and grab life, believe in ourselves and reach for the sky, reach for our dreams. Like the arrival of the Israelites to the Promised Land we need …

Messages from the past – Fresh paint lo

Passover is all about telling a story, passing it to the younger generation. This way the miracle of God’s deliverance will be remembered and history will never repeat itself. Our children will pass it on to their children and so on; this is a story of tradition and continuity. One way of getting into the Passover spirit in our family is spring cleaning which part of it is repainting dirty walls in the house. This is our family Passover tradition and a way for the kids to reflect on the holiday and its meaning. This lo almost looks like a painted wall. I’ve used plain cardstock with strokes of white paint on it to resemble the paint on the wall. I added an acrylic house embellishment that was inked, stamped and embellished with rub on and bling. The title is made from chipboard that was painted with two colors of paint. A few challenges: CraftySentiments: EasterPile it on: #13 For …

Messages from the past – Fly, Imagine, Dream – Passover card

Passover is just around the corner and we are all busy with the preparations for the ritual meal – The “Seder”. During the meal we read the story of Passover, the story of salvation, of freedom. This is the story of an entire nation of slaves freed from slavery and given a chance to be their own people. That story has a powerful message even today, a message that everyone should be free not only physically, but mentally. We should all be free to fly high, imagine and dream. We should always imagine the impossible, because only then will we be able to achieve it. We should have dreams, big dreams, goals in life, places to be and not just actual places, but also places in our minds. And most of all we should fly, fly high, reach for the sky, reach for the stars! A few challenges: 365 Cards: #28 Let’s fly a kite One Stitch at a Time: …

Messages from the past: Live Big card

Next week Jews across the world will celebrate Passover. This is the holiday that celebrates God’s deliverance of the Jews from slavery in Egypt. It’s an ancient biblical story which seems far away and irrelevant, but the messages from the past can still be heard today.  One of the things we learn from that story is (in modern context) to “live big”. Live big is live life to the fullest, all of us are capable of achieving great things! We are all special, talented and worthy. Just like Moses, who didn’t think he can lead the Jewish people and couldn’t understand why God chose him, but turned out to be one of the greatest leaders in history, we can also live big, and achieve greatness.  Greatness is not necessarily leading a nation LOL, but lead yourself to better things, not to be afraid and move forward. A few challenges: Cards 365: #25One Stitch at a Time: #106 Anything goesPaper Sundaes: …

101 Flowers Tutorial #13: A bunch of flowers and materials

Today is the first day of spring! Nature is waking up, the sun is shining and the flowers start to bloom. Today’s tutorial is about creating a bunch of blooming flowers from different materials and techniques to brighten a card or a layout. 1.       Cut a window in your card or layout by creating a horizontal H. 2.    Stamp the background and ink the edges. 3.       Add Flower Soft on the lower edge of the window. 4.       Cut small flowers from a scrap of pattern paper and adhere on top of the flower soft. If you don’t have that kind of pattern paper you can stamp on a piece of paper and cut or punch flowers. 5.       Cut leaves from pattern paper and add as well. You can punch the leaves or stamp and cut from paper. 6.       Punch more leaves and adhere. 7.       Add butterflies to complete the springy atmosphere. A few challenges: Cupcake Inspiration #152: Inspiration photoCPS Card …

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