Steampunk Altered Boxes Chest

You asked for altered art videos And you asked for steampunk projects videos so what’s better than combining the two? This was such a great project to make. I know I say that about all the projects I make but I really enjoy creating steampunk projects! Pure FUN!! This project almost didn’t happen. I was thinking what to do for this week’s Saturday MIXTRAVAGANZA video tutorial and my mind went blank. I couldn’t think of what to do, nothing came into my mind. I remembered you guys asked for altered stuff projects so I went to my studio and started going over stuff I have in my drawers. Nothing…my mind was empty! Whenever you have a situation like that the best thing is to stop thinking about it. Just leave it. The minute I let go it came…I’ll do a steampunk altered boxes and I’ll pile them one on top of the other and create a funky chest. As all …

Altered Steampunk Wood Frame

One of the things I decide to do this year is use things in my stash, upcycle and alter. I have too many things cluttering up my little studio and finding new ways to use things that I have is not only challenging my creative mind, which is a good thing, but also declutters my room. For this steampunk frame I used an old wood frame that I started about 6 years ago, yes…I had it for 6 years! Altering a wooden frame is easy – all you need to do is prime it and then embellish! I gave it a steampunk look with all kinds of embellishments that I have in my stash. The idea behind steampunk is a combination of industrial and victorian. That means you need to combine industrial looking things like cogwheels, pipe parts and hinges with more soft romantic things like flowers, buttons and keys. Some of the things I used are: cogwheels, clock parts, …


  Inside: how to recycle tp rolls and empty cardboard boxes into a desk organizer   I was recently asked by a fellow crafter to complete the sentence: “you know you are a crafter when: ___”. Well the answer for me was easy… when everything I see I immediately think how I can make it into something else and what kind of craft project I can make of it. This was true when I had to throw some tp rolls and empty cardboard boxes last week and I thought why don’t I make something out of them instead of throwing them away. So it happened I was in need of a new and improved desk organizer…     RECYCLE TP ROLLS AND CARDBOARD BOXES   When you’re a crafter and you care about the environment throwing away tp rolls and food packages seem like a terrible waste. That’s why recycling has become so popular and one person’s trash is another …


  Inside: how to make the tp steampunk mini album pages   WOW!! I got so many amazing responses. Thank you! I’m so happy you liked this mini album as much as I did. Wasn’t it really fun and easy to make? Well…after much anticipation here comes the second part…THE PAGES! We’ll venture into these beautiful pages and learn how to create them one by one! Let’s get started!     TP STEAMPUNK MINI ALBUM PAGES   The TP rolls are perfect for creating pockets so they are perfect as pages in an interactive mini album. To enhance the steampunk look instead of covering the tp rolls with paper or paint I gave them a faux leather look with a fun technique.       This album is full of interactive surprises. Pockets, flaps and more… as well as handmade embellishments that will take your breath away. Some of the work is delicate and requires patience but believe me, it’s …


  Inside: how to make a tp steampunk mini album with pocket pages   Do you ever see an object and think “what can I make out of it”? It happens to me all the time and I think it’s a common crafter’s point of view. For sometime now I keep looking at tp rolls and think what a shame to throw these away… there must be something I can do with them…     TP STEAMPUNK MINI ALBUM   As the title say this recycled project has three elements: Recycling TP rolls and using them for crafts. Making a steampunk project with an industrial look embellishments. Building an interactive mini album with pockets.   TP ROLL CRAFTS   TP roll crafts are very popular for a number of reasons: They are free! There is always a fresh suppy. Tp rolls are flexible on one hand but still thick enough like cardstock. Their color is neutral. It’s easy to paint …

Steampunk Metal Man Box

You already know I love creating crafts with a steampunk look. This time I thought why not take it a little bit further and create a 3D craft which will have a steampunk style. Since I’ve been creating Father’s Day videos all week as part of a DT assignment I got that theme stuck in my head and decided to create a masculine project. I first covered a chipboard box with torn pieces of patterned paper. Then I started working on the steampunk metal man. I used an old car light bulb for the body and some flat head screws for the legs. I attached it all together making sure it’s balanced so the metal man could stand. I created the head from a bottle cap and the face from clock parts. I attached the head to the body and let it dry. Then I added the hands from the same screws as the legs and embellished the body with more clock parts and gears. …


  Inside: how to make a steampunk shadow box with a romantic style to it   I think shadow boxes are just magical. They combine two things I love, the first is boxes. I love them, I collect them, I buy them even if I don’t need them. You can put all your treasures, memories and secrets in a box. The second thing is touching. One of the reasons I love traditional scrapbooking and not digital is you can feel the page. You can touch it, go over all the elements with your hand and bond with them. Bond with the story. Shadow boxes are the same because you can touch everything in the box and feel the story.     WHAT MAKES A STEAMPUNK SHADOW BOX UNIQUE   There are many styles of shadow box you can make like you would scrapbook pages, cards or mixed meia canvases. A steampunk shadow box has an industrial mechanical look that is …

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