Making a Family History Book Part 1

My young son is turning 13 soon. This year it’s his bar-Mitzvah year which means he has special events throughout the year not only with the family but at school too. One of the highlights of the year is creating a heritage book. This is a few months process where the kids find out about their roots and ancestors through interviews, photos, stories and memorabilia. my son started this process in a very reluctant way, not really understanding why does he need to do such an elaborate work. Slowly he was captured by the stories about far away places and events, the old photos and the customs. He even got to the point of telling me: “I don’t understand why we have a time limit on this and why we are graded on it. Such an important work should not be done under pressure. I don’t care about the grade I’m doing it because it’s important!”   15% of the …


  Inside: how to make a configuration box with 3D objects and little found treasures   I have a confession to make… I’m a hoarder. My house is not full of stuff but I do have A LOT of metal embellishments that I collect from all kinds of places. Why I collect them is a good question – something about metal objects fascinates me especially when it comes to add them to mixed media and altered project. They have a really interesting look in a craft project that I can’t resist. However collecting is nice but what do you do with all the metal embellishments you have?   I found an answer… fill a configuration box!     WHAT IS A CONFIGURATION BOX   Configuration box is of a shadow box with compartments that can be filled with 3D objects. You can find wooden boxes ad chipboard boxes from various brands. Each brand has a different order and sizes for …

13 Years of Magic

13 is a special age in Judaism, it marks the time when a boy becomes a man. Not in terms of getting married or going to work, but in knowing right from wrong and gaining adult privileges and responsibilities within the Jewish community. We recently celebrated our son’s Bar Mitzvah and it was emotional, exciting, happy, funny and amazing! I knew that for such a special day I would have to create a very special album. I decided to create it myself from beginning to end, cover, pages and all. I also wanted it to be different, not just childhood photos combined with congratulations from the family, but a new, original concept. So…my guidelines were: Hand made pages, cover and designNo photos – only cut out figuresOnly mixed media based scene layoutsEach congratulations start with “What I love about you is…”Album’s name: 13 years of magic Since it’s a little big and I want its moment in the spotlight to last …

Technique Corner: Having fun with paper

This is a layout with an old photo of my mom and I titled Cherish. I was really cute once wasn’t I J ? I have already started working on my mom’s 60th birthday scrapbook, so I try to create a layout every time I find the right materials and mood for one of the photos. This layout has a few easy fun techniques to have fun with paper: 1.       Cut images: sometimes there are really pretty images on pattern papers that can be cut and use as embellishments. On this layout I cut some roses and doilies. 2.       Add texture: paper is flat but you can always add texture by crumpling it, folding it or creating accordion like creases. 3.       Create different finish: instead of a clean straight edge tear the paper and ink it. 4.       Add height: create layers in different height by adhering pieces of paper with dimensional adhesive. 5.       Have fun with shapes: make paper curls …

Ins(paper)ation: memory layout

Memory is a way of holding on to the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose. Kevin Arnold Time is the greatest inspiration of all. It teaches us things that we didn’t know, it helps us forget what we don’t need and it gives us a wonderful present: memories. Today I want to share with you a nostalgic layout. This layout is with a photo of my grandma and mom when they were both much younger. This is one of my favorite photos to scrap and I have made a few layouts with it already. The photo was an inspiration as well, not only in the sense of the colors and theme of the lo, but also in the main feature of the lo: the crochet. Crochet has always reminded me of my grandma and mom. I remember the crochets in my grandma’s leaving room and I remember my mom sitting on the …

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