The True Story Behind My Graphic 45 DT

The True Story Behind My Graphic 45 DT is something of a fairy tale or a Cinderella tale if you want. It's still hard for me to believe I'm telling it to you because I can hardly believe it happened. This is a story not of luck but of all the right things happening in the right time and for the right It's also a story of determination, a little bit of talent and a lot of Chutzpah (an Idish-Hebrew word which means gall, audacity, nerve.)


The true story behind my Graphic 45 DT


The True Story Behind My Graphic 45 DT

It all begins in the last CHA show in January. I love going to this show because I get to see lots of friends, see all the new products and create important business connections. I used to take lots of classes but recently, as a teacher myself, I found the classes a little too "copy-paste" for my taste. When I go to a class I like to create my own thing and not copy paste from a set of instructions. This last CHA show had one exception: Graphic 45. They had two classes and I took them both. The reason is kind of obvious I love Graphic 45 and creating any project with their stuff would be so much fun.


The true story behind my Graphic 45 DT 1


I could only stay in the first class for about 15 minutes because I had a meeting. But the second class is the important part of the story. In that class we had to cover a box some coasters with papers. I covered the box with the papers while thinking that covering coasters is not really my thing and I'm going to create something else from them. I decided to bind the coasters and create an interactive mini album with pockets and flaps. So while everybody else was busy with covering the coasters I was working on my binding and my mechanisms.

Doing my thing

Every now and then I saw one of the G45 team coming over asking the girls near me if everything was OK and leaving. After a few times she came by, my box was already covered and the mini album was bound. She looked at what I was doing and I felt a little embarrassed that I was doing something different. I said: "I took it to a different direction and decided to make a mini album out of the coasters". She said: "Yes I can see".

By the end of the class my mini album was half finished with about 3-4 pages done with the pockets, inserts flaps and all. The lady came to check my progress and was amazed. She asked: "did you do that here? did you do all that in this class?" Then immediately called Charee and Aimee. They were all amazed and surprised I did all that in the class with the materials I had.  Don't get me wrong we got A LOT of products but I didn't have a ruler, bone folder and other essentials for creating interactive mini albums.



As I saw their amazement I realized that what I thought was normal, they thought was incredible. I suggested I finish the entire mini album and box and come to the G45 booth to show them how it turned out. Sure enough on that same evening I sat on my hotel bed took out all my supplies and finished the mini and the box.

On the last day I came to the booth and showed them the result. They LOVED it. The next thing I knew they said: "you have to apply for our design team". Up to that point it was a dream of mine to be on the G45 DT but I thought I wasn't good enough and that I could never create the amazing things you see on their blog. But they loved my project so much and gave me so much confidence that I decided to try. And the rest is history...

So now you know The True Story Behind My Graphic 45 DT and how important it is to believe in yourself and be true to yourself!

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4 comments on “The True Story Behind My Graphic 45 DT

  • Anne Sweeney says:

    I also love G45.Who wouldn’t? I love the video and the mother goose pop up book tutorial. I only have a few G45 stacks and love creating with them but it’s hard to let them go. Lol. G45 are richer for having you on their DT. Thankyou for your talent Einat.

  • I too love g45 and can’t get enough, Like you because of g45 I became a design team member to my local shop and enjoyed my term…. too short
    I love your work mainly because you think out of the box

  • That’s a great story – and must be an amazing experience for you, Einat! And as much as you are privileged to be a part og the G45 DT – they are privileged to have you on their team!


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