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There is no one way to store your craft supplies. There are so many products out there, DIY ideas and solutions. But not everything you see in the stores or online is suitable for you. Maybe it cost too much, you don't have enough room or not the right supplies' mixture. Today I want to share with you some of my storage solutions and how I make them right for me.

First let me say I don't have a color coordinated, beautiful, themed and styled craft studio. Whenever I find something I can use I use it without regard to the design or color.


I don't store my pages according to theme, color or pattern. I remember each page that I have (don't ask me how) and where it is, so where I need it I can get it. The only requirement is that they'll be upright so I'll be able to flip through them.


I didn't want to buy the pages' plastic boxes so I created my own. Fortunately my husband's shoe size is large enough so the shoe boxes are a perfect fit to a 12X12 paper while standing on their side. I cut out the top of the box and covered it with bookcloth. It makes the box strong especially at the seams. Then I covered the front with paper, which I admit is not so nice and I need to replace.


Trims & Ribbons
I keep my few trims in glass jars. Each jar is for a different color. This makes it easier to see what's in them and also because I like to arrange them in the order of the rainbow colors so it brights up the room. I got the jars in a store that sells dishes and kitchen supplies, it was much cheaper there than in a craft store.




Stamps & Stickers
I like to be able to flip though my stickers, letters and stamps freely, so all of them are stored in open containers. Some of the containers are boxes without the top and some are baskets, I love baskets. And boxes...a lot! I got most of them at IKEA.




Bulk embellishments
I especially find it difficult to resist buying sets of boxes, those in different sizes that fit one inside the other. So I have two sets which I got at Home Depot. I keep all my small metal embellishments, gears, clock parts etc. which don't have a package but need to be in a closed container.





My big punches are stored on two narrow shelves. These are kitchen racks for spices which have a slit for the spices containers my husband found. That is really handy for the big punches which I put against the wall while the slit serves as a stopper. The smaller punches are stored in a plastic drawer chest I got at the dollar store.



Art Supplies
I store me brushes, pens, crayons, alcohol inks and more in open containers and hanging shelfs I got at IKEA. This makes them accessible whenever I need them.




Recognize this? This is the organizer I build from TP rolls that is now sitting on my desk. You can find the video tutorial here.

I'm working on a studio tour for ya'll which will show the other storage solutions I have in my room.
I hope you found these ideas inspiring and that you are convinced that functionality is more important than beauty. I think if you can get a container for a $1 but the color doesn't match your other boxes go for it anyway!

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