Do you wish you had a beautiful, color coordinated and organized craft room like the ones you see online? Me too, but reality is not always play a long. The lucky ones have a craft room but many only have a corner or a small area for all their craft supplies. And usually we have more supplies and less space for them! So no matter what kind of space you have these tips will help you maximize your craft space and fit more craft supplies!




In our effort to make our craft space look nice we sometimes store our craft supplies in a less space efficient way. We put baskets or open boxes and spread our craft storage solutions horizontally instead of vertically! We must start thinking vertically and stack things one on top of the other.
My solution: boxes with lids!
Most boxes have lids on the top which means you can put anything on top of them but you might think you can't because you need to open the lid right? WRONG! Stack your boxes. Put one box on top of the other. In a perfect world you would put the boxes one next to the other so openning will be easier, but in real life we have to make compromises. So stack them and when you need something move the boxes and open the one you need.
Make it fun!
Use coordinating boxes in size and in pattern or color so it will look nice as well as being practical. You can get sets of tin or cardboard boxes in the kitchen section at your Home Depot store in just a few dollars.




One of the best way to store any type of supplies especially craft supplies that need to be accessed daily is on shelves. The problem is when you use shelves you can't move so it can be hard and sometimes impossible to fill the space between two shelves .
My solutions: adjustable shelves!
I bought shelf units from IKEA that are adjustable. I can determin what the space between the shelves will be according to what I need to store on them. This way I maximize every inch between sheles and maximize my space.



If we all had large craft room with lots of space we could fill the walls withour creations but in real life walls can be a great way to store craft supplies.
My solutions: Use the walls to hang thing!
I found some great solutions in the kitchen section that I could hang on the wall. This is a great way to store small craft supplies that you want to access easily and not store them in drawers or boxes.




There is a huge space that is usually overlooked... the space under the table. Your legs only need so much room to move so why not utilize this space for storage?
My solution: Boxes under the table!
This space is great for storing craft supplies you don't use very often. I use large flat boxes that I can stack under my craft table. Inside I keep complete projects, less used craft supplies and my Etsy shop items and packaging materials.




I'm sure you've notices that usually packaging is almost much larger than the item packaged (not to mention it's sometimes really annoying to open them). The packages are not flexible and take up more space than is actually needed.
My solution: remove the packaging
I take out all my craft supplies out of the package and store them in containers or boxes that match their actual size. I arrange all the containers in a drawer for easy access. If the brand name is important you can take a photo of the package or make a note of the details and add id to the bottom of the container.




Purge often! Between you and me we all have too much stuff and I'm sure if you organize all your craft supplies you'll find supplies you don't want, need or use! One this is for sure - less supplies need less space!
I have some great ideas for organizing your craft supplies and craft space:
Finally if you want to really organize your craft room and all your craft supplies check out my eBook: The Ultimate Guide to Organize Your Craft Space.
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