Monthly Giveaway Results

Hi dear members! Last month I asked you if i should stop having the monthly giveaway. There were only 12 comments and out of them 6 members were in favor of having the giveaway and 6 members were against.  Talk about confusing… In light of these results I decided to continue having the monthly giveaway but in a different concept. Starting next month it will be an addition to the VIP Room but not on a Saturday so it will not be instead of a tutorial or other posts. It will also be posted on the VIP Room group and involve some kind of a challenge, question or assignment. I hope you’ll like the new format and that we’ll see more participants. Part of the VIP Room is to be a community and have activities for the members. However I see that whenever I post a challenge or a swap there are not many of you who participate. My conclusion …

Monthly Giveaway!

Hi dear members! Unfortunately we only had one comment to last month giveaway! In the light of the past few giveaways I have to come to the conclusion you’re not as excited about these giveaways like I thought you would be. I can’t explain the very low participation any other way. So I want to give it one last try before I CANCEL the giveaways completely!!   This month I just want you to leave a comment saying YES: for cancel the giveaways or NO for continuing them. I’ll randomly pick a winner from all the comments you leave to this post! The winner will get a goodie bag full of yummy supplies including paper, chipboards, embellishments and more! Waiting for your answers! I almost forgot… this month’s winner is the only one who left a comment: Karen Ferguson Please email me your address You have to be a VIP Room member to win the giveaway Have fun creating!  

Monthly Giveaway!

Hello dear members! I was so happy to learn about your inspiration. It’s always fascinates me how inspiration works… you can see something and that will give you an idea a month later and you don’t even connect the two 🙂   This month I’m happy to say we had some entries so we have a winner! The winner is: Susan Moss Please email me your address One half of the VIP room is to teach you, guide you and help you learn new thing and complete projects the other half is to support and help you with your crafting and creative problems. So for this month’s giveaway I want to help you! Please leave a comment telling me what is your biggest creative problem or issue you need help with and I will try and help. If you’re stuck with a project you can post its photo in the VIP Room Facebook group or email it to me and …

Monthly Giveaway!

Hi dear members!   We have a winner for last month giveaway: Vicki Parson Vicki wanted to receive the clock parts kit or the goodie bag. I wonder which one she’ll pick? For this month’s giveaway I have a special treat for you! This month’s winner will win my entire Art-Foambination stamp collection. These amazing foam stamps are not the ones you remember from your childhood. These professional stamps are the new best tool for stamping with acrylic paints! They are great for mixed media, art journaling and you can use them on paper, fabric, glass, wood or metal!     You have to be a VIP Room member to win the giveaway To win this fabulous prize you need to share on the VIP Room Community FB group a photo of your favorite stamp. Any stamp! If you haven’t joined the group yet just click the link and ask to join! Have fun creating!  

Monthly Giveaway!

Hi dear members! I got a lot of comments on the last giveaway post both on the blog and on email with photos of their favorite craft! It was so much fun!!     The winner of last month giveaway: The clock parts kit The new paper kit that will be offered in March A goodie bag full of embellishments, flowers, stickers, ribbons, ink and stamp set, chipboard pieces and stencils. Is….. Dana Collins!! Please email me your address! This month the giveaway is going to be your pick! I’m going to list a few possibilities and you’ll get to choose what you would like to win: The clock parts kit The Vintage nature papers (6 x 6 printed version) Yearly VIP Room subscription Surprise goodie bag with craft goodies Online class of your choice Until now there are only about 10 members who emailed or let me know their FB name for the new VIP Room private FB group. …

Monthly Giveaway!

Hi dear members! I just realized we didn’t have a monthly giveaway in February! Why didn’t you say anything? March is craft month so I’m really happy to announce this creative giveaway! But first for January winner… I was happy to see the comments both on the blog post and the kind and warm words on email. I took all the names and fed them to one list and then drew one random name! The winner of one year free VIP Room subscription is… Jacky Benson!!! And now for this month giveaway… since it’s craft month the winner of this giveaway will win a huge giveaway that includes: The clock parts kit The new paper kit that will be offered in March A goodie bag full of embellishments, flowers, stickers, ribbons, ink and stamp set, chipboard pieces and stencils. This AMAZING giveaway will go to a random winner of the following assignment: Please leave me a comment telling me what …

Monthly Giveaway

Hi dear members! It’s time for another fun giveaway! I really loved all your Christmas projects. They were so versatile and beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing them with me! For the January giveaway I want to do something a little different. I just want to see how many of you actually participate in this. So all you need to do is leave a comment to this post. It can be any comment, even “Hi” just so I’ll know you’re here. I’ll choose one random comment for the winner. The prize: one of you will get a refund for a whole year subscription! That means from January 2018 to January 2019!  So say something! Now for last month’s winner. The person who wins a Graphic 45 goodies bag is… Dalia Grahm Please email me your address so I’ll send you your prize. In order to win a giveaway in the VIP Room you have to be a member. If …

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