Product Review: Ink Distress Oxide

The new and exciting Distress Oxide by Tim Holtz are the buzz right now and I thought it would be really fun to review them and see what all the talking is about.According to Ranger, distress oxide inks are: “Tim Holtz Distress Oxide Ink Pads are water-reactive dye & pigment ink fusion that creates and oxidized effect when sprayed with water. Use with stamps, stencils, and direct to surface. Blend using Ink Blending Tools and Foam. Re-ink using Distress Oxide Reinkers”.So what does this mean? Well, from my testing and playing I believe that all of the ink pads have a white pigment particles in them with distress dye ink mixed in. Once we activate the ink with water, the pigment and dye ink separate and create that awesome oxidized effect.Surfaces make a huge difference with these inks. In the photos below you’ll see how I compared the new distress oxide inks with the original distress inks on many different surfaces.      Here I …

Product Review: Incra Ruler

Today I want to introduce to you the Incra Ruler. This Stainless steel ruler is made in the US and is revolutionary in the way it’s designed. We use a ruler to measure something. It can be the size of a page in a mini album, an interactive mechanism or a panel for a box. In any case when we measure something we want it to be as accurate as possible right? The problem is that when we use a regular ruler and a pen or a pencil we usually end up with more or less accurate but not exactly. Why is that?  Well, there are two reasons for that: the first is the width of our pencil’s or pen’s tip. When you want to draw a straight line on the 5″ mark you take your ruler and mark the 5″ with a pencil. You mark another point and then draw the line. BUT if you pencil or pen are thick …


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