Hi dear members! After mastering acrylic paints and learning how to use them with different techniques today we’ll start exploring acrylic mediums. The part about stencils will come a little later… Acrylic mediums are the basic tools and materials in mixed media. These are substances that are added or combined with acrylic paints to change one or more of its properties. Some acrylic mediums are used in addition to acrylic paints and not necessarily with them.     There are a few main acrylic mediums and we’ll cover all of them in the series parts:   PREP ACRYLIC MEDIUMS   Surface preparation mediums are used to seal, prime and add tooth (for color adhesion) to all surfaces such as canvas, wood, paper and metal.   ACRYLIC MEDIUMS TO USE WITH PAINT   There are several different types of products you would use in addition to the paint itself: fluid mediums, gel mediums, additives, and texture gels. Don’t worry! You don’t …


  Hi dear members! I hope you liked the first part of the acrylic paints chapter in the Mixed Media 101 series. It’s hard for me to know what you’re thinking if you don’t leave comments… The first chapter is all about acrylic paints and what you can do with them. In part 2 we’ll continue to master the basic techniques of using acrylic paints. All techniques will be demonstrated on a piece of watercolor paper.     Let’s get started with these four new and fun techniques to use acrylic paints in any mixed media project.   5. PALETTE KNIFE   Using a palette knife enables you to add a lot of paint to the project and create texture with it. This technique is similar to what artists often do with oil paints. As long as the acrylic paint is thick enough it will hold any shape you apply with the palette knife. Load the palette knife with paint …


  Hi dear members! I’m so excited to start a new series in the VIP Room: Mixed Media 101: Master the Fundamental Concepts of Mixed media Art.       Contrary to what you might think mixed media require no experience to create. Yes! you heard me… zero experience needed. This form of art has no rules or boundaries and it allows everyone to create, experiment and explore techniques and materials. It’s about trial and error, passion and purpose, imagining and discovering. There is no right or wrong… everything goes, adding paper, creating texture, painting or doodling. There is no rules and no limits to exploring! The idea of this series is to introduce and teach more than 100 mixed media techniques that you can use individually or combine as many as you want in your mixed media project. We will explore these techniques in chapters, mastering a different material or technique in each chapter. Some of the techniques will …

Use Your Scraps – Jewelry

    Hi dear members, remember we started thus series way back? Well… it’s time to revisit it! I don’t know about you but I have lots of scraps in my craft room and I always try to come up with ways to use it. I don’t like to see materials just sitting around in my craft room especially if they’re leftovers. I just get very uncomfortable knowing I have all these supplies and I don’t do anything with them. So I’m on a mission to find ways to use them!     Today we’ll use old jewelry. I’m not talking about expensive, real jewelry. I’m talking about old cheap jewelry you might have from your kids or from way back when you had no money 🙂 I could never throw out jewelry even if it was cheap plastic or metal so over time I got a few in a box. I’m glad I kept them because I found out …

Create My Art Book: Signature No. 8

  Hi dear members! Today we’ll continue the Create My Art Book Series and create another signature. We are adding a lot of color to the art book with acrylic paints and foam stamps. We’ll learn two ways to paint paper and how to work with foam stamps.     Acrylic paints are one of the most common materials to work with in art journaling, painting, mixed media and even other paper crafts. They are easy to use and come in a huge variety of colors. You can hardly go wrong with acrylic paints because you can always paint over them if you don’t like what you created. There are two ways to apply paint to a surface: DIRECT PAINTING Direct painting is my favorite method of working with acrylic paints. In this technique the paint is applied directly to the surface with a stick or a brush and all the blending is done on the surface itself. The pros …

Mixed Media Multi Layered Canvas

Hi dear members! I get a lot of requests and questions about mixed media in general and about how to create these mixed media projects you see all over the internet in particular. Today I want to show you how to create such a project starting from the base and working our way through the different steps you need.     The beginning of every mixed media project is the right supplies. If you want to achieve the layered detailed look you need to use the right materials for the job. Unfortunately in this case I can’t offer substitutes but these materials are the basics and they’ll be good for many other projects. Please check the supplies paragraph for more details on the materials.       A mixed media project has two main features: first the height and second the texture. Let’s start with the first feature: the height. In order to achieve depth to the project you need …

Create My Art Book: Signature No. 7

Hi dear members! We’re back to the Create My Art Book Series! Today we will explore letters, words, sentences and quotes. An art journal is a combination of visual messages and words. Some people feel more comfortable with abstract art or creating collages and some prefer writing their thoughts and feelings. I love both forms of expressions and I always combine them on my pages.     You can add words and text to your art book in many ways, the possibilities are endless. I want to share with you my favorite ways which are not only versatile, but can be creative on one hand and simple on the other. Handwriting Each one of us has their own handwriting. Some look really nice and some have room for improvement. However, in art journaling, handwriting is a key element, not only as part of the design but as part of your self-expression. So even if your handwriting is not perfect, you …

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