Hi dear members! Today we are starting a new mini album series, but this mini album is like no mini album you have seen before. We are taking interactive pages to the next level and creating interactive pop up pages! These pages will not only move they will pop up. I’ve been working on these page designs for a long time and I’m so happy to finally share them with you.         This mini album is slightly bigger than we normally do because pop up mechanisms are not strong enough if they’re too small. The page needs to be large enough to hold the mechanism and the mechanism itself needs to be large enough to move properly. So this mini album is going to have a 8 1/2″x 8 1/2″cover with five 8″x 8″ pages inside.         The first thing we’ll have to create the cover. You already know the method to create …


Hello crafty friends!
I'm Einat: creative professional,mixed media artist, scrapbook and paper designer, altering enthusiast and class instructor.
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