September 2016 - Einat Kessler
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Friday, September 30th, 2016
8 Adhesives that Should Be in Your Tool Box

If you have been creating for awhile you know that there are 8 Adhesives that Should Be in Your Tool Box. The right adhesive will guarantee that your project will not only look good but will also last for a long time. Using the right adhesive also saves time and money because you use the amount of adhesive you need for the project you need. Here’s my list of the adhesive you should have.     8 Adhesives that Should Be in Your Tool Box Tacky Glue Is my favorite glue for everything. It has been around forever but it keeps on updating with the times. The best improvement is the upside down bottle which in my mind is absolutely genius. Instead of waiting for the glue to reach the nozzle and press the bottle like crazy, you simply keep the bottle upside down and the glue flows all the time. This glue is great for paper, wood, fabric, felt …

Tuesday, September 27th, 2016
5 Minute Craft: Folded 3 Pocket Page

Today on 5 Minute Craft: Folded 3 Pocket Page. This is a really easy and fast project that you can add to a scrapbooking page. You can also create a few of these folded pocket pages and bind them together into a mini album. Each page has 3 pockets: two on both sides of the page and one on top.     5 Minute Craft: Folded 3 Pocket Page This is a very easy way to start creating interactive mini albums with pockets. Instead of building complicated mechanisms just use this folded pocket page to create your mini. Change the papers and embellish them and then add journaling tags or photos in the pockets. You can bind the mini album with rings, Bind-it-All or with the hinge system. In any way you choose you’ll get an impressive interactive mini album in no time. You can also use this folded pocket page as a gift card holder or even as a …

Sunday, September 25th, 2016
My Favorite Mixed media Gelli Printing Techniques

Today I’m sharing My Favorite Mixed media Gelli Printing Techniques. I just love Gelli printing and if you haven’t tried it yet you should put it on top of your creative to do list. This is one of the best ways to do mixed media and create backgrounds for art journal pages and projects. I really love it! I love the surprising results you get every time, the many options and different supplies you can use and the dirty fingers are the best!      My Favorite Mixed media Gelli Printing Techniques Stenciling: Stencils create magic on Gelli printing. You can use the positive and the negative patterns of the stencil. You can even use the same stencil pattern on more than one paper. Layers: Printing on a page to create a different colored image by layering different paints on the paper.     Found objects printing: using everyday objects or items to create patterns on the Gelli plate and …

Friday, September 23rd, 2016
Graphic 45 Fall and Halloween

This month on Graphic 45 Fall and Halloween I have two sneak peeks for you. I had to create two assignments this month one for fall and one for Halloween. Not only did I have a lot of fun creating these projects but I enjoy the fact I have to challenge myself to create fun and unique projects. I have to say that working with papers you love sure makes that so much easier 🙂     Graphic 45 Fall and Halloween The fall project is a project you can create under 60 minutes! Yes, it’s not only fast it’s also affordable and easy to make. I love the fall first the weather is getting colder and I can feel the winter at the end of the tunnel. Second I love those orange and yellow colors. I created a Fall Wreath you can hang on your door or inside the house. The flowers on it will never die. Check out …

Tuesday, September 20th, 2016
Studio Cleanup Before and After

I wanted to do a post called Studio Cleanup Before and After for a long time. It’s sometimes inconceivable how my studio can become such a mess. I love it when it’s tidy and organized. But sometimes it’s really difficult to find the motivation to tidy up and clean it. The Jewish new year is fast approaching so I decided to make some changes in my studio and clean it up!     Studio Cleanup Before and After First here is the horrible before photo:     Yes… I know what you’re thinking…I’m thinking it too. But don’t despair here is the after photo:     A few close up shots with a few things I wanted to share with you   First the desk area which is where I sit to create the magic. I like to have everything within my reach. If I have to get up and get something it’s not good because usually I take the entire …

Sunday, September 18th, 2016
Scrapbooking Marathon: 1 Sketch, 6 Pages

Remember I told you I’m going back to scrapbooking? Well… I challenged myself to a Scrapbooking Marathon: 1 Sketch, 6 Pages. I created one simple sketch to use as the base for my layouts and wanted to see how many pages I can create from that one sketch. I made 6 pages! It was a really productive day for me and I was so happy I started scrapbooking again!     Scrapbooking Marathon: 1 Sketch, 6 Pages One of the things I noticed is that in the recent layouts I created I really went crazy. Crazy with the amount of embellishments, with too many techniques and too much time. So I wanted to go back to simple scrapbooking that puts the photos in the center and concentrated on the documenting part instead of losing myself in a crazy race for elaborate complicated pages. The layouts I created are just about that. Simple, but interesting, fast but pretty. I let the …

Friday, September 16th, 2016
Art Journal Page: Different is Good

I had the best time creating with some friends. I always have the best inspiration when I’m with them. This time I created an Art Journal Page: Different is Good with some of Dyan Reaveley quirky stamps. I just love these stamps, they are so funky and crazy and I love the fact you can take them apart and create new ladies. There is no video but I did take some photos while creating the page so you can get an idea of how I created it.     Art Journal Page: Different is Good Step 1: I stamped a heavy watercolor paper with black permanent ink. Using a permanent ink is important so the lines won’t bleed when coloring the stamps.     Step 2: I colored the stamps with water colors. This step is optional. You can color the stamps with any medium you like or just leave them as they are.     Step 3: Cut the …

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