Inside: how to start an art journal page and completing it like a pro every time   Sometimes I sit in front of my art journal and just stare at the blank page not knowing where to go from here. Yes!… it happens to me too – I just have no idea how to start… I really hates when it happens to me so I tried to think what happens when I do know how to start and my creative process runs smoothly. I discovered that whenever I’m stuck and don’t know how to begin there are three things that work.   HOW TO START AN ART JOURNAL PAGE There are three main ways to start an art journal page: CREATE THE BACKGROUND: this is the best way to go if you don’t have any other idea or direction. START WITH A TECHNIQUE: if there’s a technique you want to try or experiment with then it will be a good …


Inside: everything you need to know about making a junk journal and what to do with them   Everyday when I walk into my craft room I see my paper scraps drawer and I look away. I hate that drawer… it really bothers me that there is a pile of unused papers in it and I do nothing with them. So one day I decided to challenge myself to come up with a way to use at least some of them. What I came up with was a junk journal… actually a few of them!     WHAT IS A JUNK JOURNAL There is no one definition of a junk journal and they can vary from person to person however there is one main thing that is common to all junk journals: they are all made from a mix of found and recycled materials. They are called junk journals because they are usually books or journals made from the paper …


Inside: 7 most common mistakes to avoid in your art journal to make amazing pages   You probably think I never make mistakes in my art journal but you’re wrong. I make mistakes all the time! When I start working on an art journal page I usually have an idea in my head but it doesn’t always come out the way I want it to. However I try not to panic and I usually manage to fix that mistake and end up with an art journal page I like.       ART JOURNAL MISTAKES Some artists will tell you there is no such thing as mistakes in an art journal and there is some truth in that. Art journaling is not a place of judgment or contest and whatever you create is your art work and it reflects who you are. If that’s the case then no mistakes could happen because whatever is right for you is never a …


Inside: different ways to make amazing art journal pages with words, letters and text   Adding text is an important part of art journaling that is sometimes overlooked. Every art journal page has two parts: the ART which are the colors, layers and beautiful effects on the page and the JOURNALING which is the text. The text is what brings the page together and gives it the meaning or message we want to say.       TYPES OF TEXT ON ART JOURNAL PAGES There are many types of text that you can add to your art journal page and I’m not talking about the style of text but the way you say what you want to say. Here are some ideas: Quotes: saying by other people can sometimes say exactly what we feel. You can find lots of quotes online but my favorite site is BrainyQuote. Lyrics: everyone has a favorite song with that one line that just pierce …


Inside: 4 art journaling background ideas that will inspire you to start creating!   You all know this feeling… we want to create an art journal page. We stare at the blank page and nothing… no ideas come to mind, zero! No inspiration at ALL! So we close the art journal and go to do something else in the hopes that maybe the inspiration will come later. The problem is it doesn’t. This ritual repeats itself over and over and it’s frustrating. So frustrating that it makes us give up art journaling all together. Is your art journaling experience similar to this? Do you also spend a long time staring at the blank page with no idea how to start? DISCOVER NEW ART JOURNAL BACKGROUND IDEAS THAT WILL INSPIRE YOU TO CREATE NOW!     WHAT IS THE FIRST STEP TO CREATE ART JOURNALING PAGES It’s sounds counter intuitive, but the first step is to start. Do something on the …

NEW!! Free online class: Watercolor Art Journaling

Hi dear crafty friends! I’m so honored and excited to announce my NEW!! Free online class: Watercolor Art Journaling with Big Picture Classes. This class is all about how to use watercolors on your art journal pages!     NEW!! Free online class: Watercolor Art Journaling Watercolors can add movement, color, and a unique look to your art journal pages. But you don’t need to be an expert to achieve these results! In Watercolor Art Journaling, I will share how easy it is to start adding beautiful and colorful elements to your art journals with watercolors. Start by creating backgrounds and adding artistic details and embellishments to your pages. Then combine watercolors with other materials for one-of-a-kind effects. You’ll finish out this class with a look at watercolor-like materials that react in the same way as watercolors. You’ll unlock a world of possibilities with this fun, new medium!     If you’re worried that for this class you might need some …

Interactive Art Journal Page

Hi dear crafty friends! usually an art journal page is a spread of two papers or even just one paper. But today I want to share with you an Interactive Art Journal Page which is basically four pages or two spreads! As you can see there is a large spread and in the center of it a smaller page with both sides designed.         Interactive Art Journal Page The secret to this page is to create two different sizes of pages so the smaller page will be in the front while the large spread is in the back. They are both visible because the smaller spread doesn’t cover the spread underneath. To create this Interactive Art Journal Page I worked simultaneously on all sides and when the background was finished I cut the top spread into size. This created the little spread in the center. Then I could add details to the different sides of the pages.   …

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