Inside: different ways to make amazing art journal pages with words, letters and text   Adding text is an important part of art journaling that is sometimes overlooked. Every art journal page has two parts: the ART which are the colors, layers and beautiful effects on the page and the JOURNALING which is the text. The text is what brings the page together and gives it the meaning or message we want to say.       TYPES OF TEXT ON ART JOURNAL PAGES There are many types of text that you can add to your art journal page and I’m not talking about the style of text but the way you say what you want to say. Here are some ideas: Quotes: saying by other people can sometimes say exactly what we feel. You can find lots of quotes online but my favorite site is BrainyQuote. Lyrics: everyone has a favorite song with that one line that just pierce …


Inside: 4 art journaling background ideas that will inspire you to start creating!   You all know this feeling… we want to create an art journal page. We stare at the blank page and nothing… no ideas come to mind, zero! No inspiration at ALL! So we close the art journal and go to do something else in the hopes that maybe the inspiration will come later. The problem is it doesn’t. This ritual repeats itself over and over and it’s frustrating. So frustrating that it makes us give up art journaling all together. Is your art journaling experience similar to this? Do you also spend a long time staring at the blank page with no idea how to start? DISCOVER NEW ART JOURNAL BACKGROUND IDEAS THAT WILL INSPIRE YOU TO CREATE NOW!     WHAT IS THE FIRST STEP TO CREATE ART JOURNALING PAGES It’s sounds counter intuitive, but the first step is to start. Do something on the …

NEW!! Free online class: Watercolor Art Journaling

Hi dear crafty friends! I’m so honored and excited to announce my NEW!! Free online class: Watercolor Art Journaling with Big Picture Classes. This class is all about how to use watercolors on your art journal pages!     NEW!! Free online class: Watercolor Art Journaling Watercolors can add movement, color, and a unique look to your art journal pages. But you don’t need to be an expert to achieve these results! In Watercolor Art Journaling, I will share how easy it is to start adding beautiful and colorful elements to your art journals with watercolors. Start by creating backgrounds and adding artistic details and embellishments to your pages. Then combine watercolors with other materials for one-of-a-kind effects. You’ll finish out this class with a look at watercolor-like materials that react in the same way as watercolors. You’ll unlock a world of possibilities with this fun, new medium!     If you’re worried that for this class you might need some …

Interactive Art Journal Page

Hi dear crafty friends! usually an art journal page is a spread of two papers or even just one paper. But today I want to share with you an Interactive Art Journal Page which is basically four pages or two spreads! As you can see there is a large spread and in the center of it a smaller page with both sides designed.         Interactive Art Journal Page The secret to this page is to create two different sizes of pages so the smaller page will be in the front while the large spread is in the back. They are both visible because the smaller spread doesn’t cover the spread underneath. To create this Interactive Art Journal Page I worked simultaneously on all sides and when the background was finished I cut the top spread into size. This created the little spread in the center. Then I could add details to the different sides of the pages.   …

There Are Always two of Us Art Journal Page

Hi dear crafty friends! Today I want to share with you my There Are Always two of Us Art Journal Page. This page has a lot of layers and color and some unique ways to add words as well.   There Are Always two of Us Art Journal Page First I created the background for this page with tissue papers, stamps and papers. I also added a little spraying to add a little color. Although most of the background is in neutral black and white. The thing that gives the background its texture and interest are the different patterns and sizes of writing and stamps.         Then I added an image of a boy looking at two images I created with stencils. One image is dark and the other is light. These two images are the focal point of the page that talks about two sides in each person. The final thing was to add the text. …

Art Journaling YouTube Hop

Hi dear crafty friends! Today I’m taking part in the Art Journaling YouTube Hop with some very talented friends from around the world. This hop will take place on YouTube where each of these talented designers has created a video on their YouTube channel. On each of the channels there is a list of the participants and a list of links for you to hop.     Art Journaling YouTube Hop This hop also has some wonderful prizes for you to win! Our sponsors has prepared some great boxes full of goodies for you! All you need to do is subscribe to all the channels and leave a comment and you will be entered in the raffle for these prizes.     This hop is all about art journaling so each of us has created a video  showing you how to create an art journal page. I created a page with tissue paper background. I used my gelli plate to …

Mixed Media Fabric Art Journal Pages

Hi dear crafty friends! Today I want to share with you Mixed Media Fabric Art Journal Pages that I’ve created for my art book.     Mixed Media Fabric Art Journal Pages Fabric pages in an art book are unique and special addition. These pages are a textural contrast from paper and add a softer look to the book. Other than a change in texture fabric pages usually include techniques like sewing, embroidery and have different materials on them like lace and buttons. I really love adding fabric pages to my art book. An art book is basically an art journal that we create from scratch and is bound in a book form. The idea is to express ideas, feelings, dreams and fears on one hand and create art on the other on separate paper pieces in different sizes and patterns. Those pieces of papers are divided into signatures that are stitched together into a book. A signature is a …

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