Inside: 10 reasons you’ll want to make mini albums for your photos   When I discovered mini albums a few years back I thought I discovered a treasure! I thought it was a genius solution for many of the issues I had with the large 12×12 scrapbook pages. I have to admit that since then I hardly made any layouts and I’m completely in love with the mini album concept. However I often get asked what’s the point? Why make mini albums instead of the traditional 12×12 pages? What are the benefits… why should I make them?     WHY MAKE MINI ALBUMS   MANAGEABLE PROJECT For some people, especially me, the thought of starting a big 12X12 scrapbook is just too overwhelming and time consuming. Just the thought of starting a large page, think about how to fit all these photos to one or two pages really discourages me from even starting. When I know there is a beginning …


Inside: how to make amazing boys scrapbook pages you’ll be proud of and most importantly so will your boys!   If you have sons like me, or you want to create masculine layouts for the boys in your family you probably find fewer ideas and less inspiration then you would for girly layouts. Face it, most of us are girls! We like girly things and sometimes we prefer to create girly layouts. BUT I have boys and I wanted to make boys scrapbook pages so I started researching this and this is what I came up with…     THE CHALLENGES OF MAKING BOYS SCRAPBOOK PAGES When you make a scrapbook layout you want it to tell a story and also make it pretty. With girly pages it’s much easier… you add some flowers and your job is half done. But with boys scrapbook pages you have a few challenges: THE COLORS ARE LIMITED Boys traditional colors are more limited …


Inside: creative perpetual calendar ideas to stay organized with your important dates   I have a problem remembering important dates… I’m great with people’s faces but I can’t remember their birthdays, anniversaries etc. It’s embarrassing, I know… but it is what it is. So instead of fighting a loosing battle, I decided to make a perpetual calendar to help me remember. I could put the dates on my phone, but as a crafter I prefer the traditional, prettier way instead of having another reason to be glued to my phone… Lol Besides, after dropping my phone into the sea once, I’ve come to realize phones might not be the most dependable way 🙂 It’s that time of year again…the year closes and we need to get ready for the new year. That means organization! If you’re like me and have problem remembering dates, or even if you’re not like me and you want to be organized I have 3 DIY …


Inside: 12 ways to use distress inks in your craft projects   When I first tried Distress Inks all those years ago I didn’t really understand what was all the noise about. But that was not because they were a bad product it was because I didn’t understand their potential and how to use them properly. Today when I teach or create Distress inks almost always find their way to my project. But until this day I get a lot of questions on how to use them and what you can do with them and most importantly what they are better than regular inks.     WHAT ARE DISTRESS INKS They are water-based dye inks that have incredible color stability. Unlike other inks, Distress Inks react to water. It means that water doesn’t break down the color. Water also allows the ink to move on the paper. They are perfect for traditional ink techniques but their unique qualities open a …


Inside: introducing the new hot trend in the art world: Artist Trading Coins – what are they and how to make them   I have a new obsession: Artist Trading Coins! They are not only super fun to make but they answer two of my main needs in paper crafting: first, using my scraps – it just bothers me if I see a large scrap pile. The second, creating paper collages – I just love taking small pieces and turning them into a work of art.   WHAT ARE ARTIST TRADING COINS Artist Trading Coins are an evolution of Artist Trading cards which first appeared in 1997 in Switzerland when a local artist hosted their first swap. Since then it has taken off in the art world and many crafters and artists have embraced this art form. These are small artistic projects in a shape of a circle. They can be made in any style, with any material and in …


Inside: 15 amazing house project ideas like mini albums, cards and wall hangings you must make!   This original post was written in the summer of 2014 when we had gone through a terrible experience of war. Hundreds of rockets were fired on our cities and homes. But we didn’t back down or left we stayed and toughed it out. These are our homes and the only place we have on this earth so as bad as it got we endured. During that time I made a little collection of house theme craft projects I’ve made through the years but I wanted to update the post because many other fun projects were created since.       WHY DO WE LOVE HOUSE SHAPE PROJECTS The shape of a house always reminds us of our home, our family and maybe even our childhood. It’s that comfortable and safe feeling That we have when we get home that’s why the phrase goes: …


Inside: Fun and easy ideas to create summer pages for all your memories from this summer vacation, outdoor trips, days at the beach etc.   Personally I’m not a big fan of summer, which is a little strange when you consider the fact I live in a country that is usually hot. I don’t like the heat and the humidity BUT I do love our summer family time and vacations! I’m so lucky that my kids (now 20 and 17 years old) have always enjoyed going on summer activities together and still do! I know it’s not a given so even if I don’t do any other pages through out the year I always do those special pages with our summer memories.     WET SUMMER PAGES   Who doesn’t love going to the beach or the swimming pool to cool off in the inviting blue water?  The water is always a great background for taking beautiful photos with a …

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