Inside: The basic elements you need to make any Halloween project   It’s almost time for the spookiest time of the year… while I won’t be celebrating it I can still enjoy its spirit with a bunch of projects I plan to make. If you ask yourself why, well as an artist and a designer I work with lots of companies all around the world and I have an obligation to them and to you to keep inspiring you even though I’m not part of the celebrations!     HALLOWEEN PROJECT BASICS Halloween projects are the best to make (at least for me) especially if you love all the spooky spirit and magical vibe. Over the years I found that some people create a Halloween project only if they have a theme paper for the holiday. Actually you can make a lot of Halloween craft projects just by adding a few basic element and you don’t necessarily need that expensive …


Inside: 3 spooktacular Halloween mini albums you must make for this holiday! Step by step tutorials on how to make each one!   The one time of the year I envy Christians is on Halloween. Being a jew who lives in Israel I don’t celebrate Halloween but I think it’s one of the coolest holidays in the world. The costumes are great (in Jewish tradition there’s also a holiday where people wear costumes called Purim) but the best thins is the spooky theme that’s associated with this holiday. I just love the witches, haunted houses and dead mummies. Over the years I made lots of Halloween mini albums to inspire Christian friends around the world and I really enjoyed making them.     WHY DO WE LOVE HALLOWEEN You may ask yourself why people invest so much in this holiday when it’s only one day. People love this holiday because: Halloween is centered around having fun and enjoying yourself and …

Tonight is Halloween Cascade Mini Album

Hi dear crafty friends! It’s Halloween! So today I want to share with you a new mini album especially for Halloween: Tonight is Halloween Cascade Mini Album. This album is so fun and easy to make you won’t believe it! And just in time to include all your spooky and fantastic photos from the day.     Tonight is Halloween Cascade Mini Album The album is designed with two cascading pages on each side of the inside cover. The pages’ base is black as well as the cover. For this mini album’s pages and embellishments I used the Tonight is Halloween 6×6 paper collection designed by…me! Yes I designed all the papers in this collection including two pages with tags, quotes and other fun stuff you can fussy cut. We can’t have a mini album without a little fussy cutting right? Take a look at some of the pages inside this spooktacular mini album:             …

Poison Altered Pills Bottle

Hi dear crafty friends! It’s Halloween soon! So today I want to share with you a really easy and fast spooky project: Poison Altered Pills Bottle. It’s a perfect addition to any house decoration you’re planning or even as part of a center piece for your table!     Poison Altered Pills Bottle 1. Use any empty pills bottle or other container you have. First cover the container with black gesso.      2. After the gesso has dried completely add texture to the container with sandy modeling paste or other textured paste. After this layer dries cover everything with another layer of black gesso.     3. When the container is dry add a little color with acrylic paints. I used brown and gray. Add a twine around the lid of the container and a label to the front. I also added a little skull to complete the effect.      You can create a complete set of altered …

My Top 3: Halloween Project Tutorials

Hi dear crafty friends! Today on My Top 3: Halloween Project Tutorials. We don’t celebrate Halloween here in Israel, but I have to say I love this holiday because it’s so much fun making spooky projects! So in honor of Halloween here are My Top 3: Halloween Project Tutorials!     My Top 3: Halloween Project Tutorials Scary 31st Halloween Mini Album     Halloween is a great opportunity to create interactive mini albums. It’s just the right atmosphere for hidden inserts, secret pockets and surprising flaps and other mechanisms. Click on the title to see the full step by step video tutorial. Altered Spell Book     My all time favorite project is the altered spell book I created in two parts. The spooky cover with a skull and then the inside of the book full of potions and witch’s supplies. Including an inventory tag you can still get if you email me:) Here are the two parts of the …

Spooky House from Two Boxes. Graphic 45 DT Project

Hi dear crafty friends! Are you tired of Halloween projects already? If not then I have one more for you: Spooky House from Two Boxes. Graphic 45 DT Project. When you design for Graphic 45 it goes without saying that Halloween is a big thing and you need to come up with a fantastic project. Well… last year I think I did just that!     Spooky House from Two Boxes. Graphic 45 DT Project This spooky house is made from two boxes. The base is made from a Mixed media 5×5 box and the little house on it is made from a ATC book box. The bottom part was easy to make. The box is already black so all I had to do is cover all the sides with the amazing Halloween in Wonderland papers. The house on the top was a little more work. I used the lid of the box as a roof and secured it in …

Scary 31st Halloween Mini Album

I just couldn’t resist creating an interactive mini album for Halloween… It’s called: Scary 31st Halloween Mini Album. I think you’ll agree that Halloween is the perfect time for an interactive mini album. After all all those pockets, flaps and hidden tags are just like a spellbook or a witch’s secret diary or something. You never know what’s coming and each page is a surprise.  Scary 31st Halloween Mini AlbumThis Scary 31st Halloween Mini Album is full of interactive surprises like this. I got so carried away I don’t even remember all of them So this mini album holds a few surprises for me too. The best thing in it is that it looks very complicated but it’s really easy to create! Just follow the step by step video tutorial and  you’ll have no problem creating it for yourselves.  Oh…I forgot to tell you the best thing! You can purchase a kit of the Scary 31st Halloween Mini Album at Photographs and Memories Scrapbooking. …

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