Inside: The basic elements you need to make any Halloween project   It’s almost time for the spookiest time of the year… while I won’t be celebrating it I can still enjoy its spirit with a bunch of projects I plan to make. If you ask yourself why, well as an artist and a designer I work with lots of companies all around the world and I have an obligation to them and to you to keep inspiring you even though I’m not part of the celebrations!     HALLOWEEN PROJECT BASICS   Halloween projects are the best to make (at least for me) especially if you love all the spooky spirit and magical vibe. Over the years I found that some people create a Halloween project only if they have a theme paper for the holiday. Actually you can make a lot of Halloween craft projects just by adding a few basic element and you don’t necessarily need that …


Inside: 3 spooktacular Halloween mini albums you must make for this holiday! Step by step tutorials on how to make each one!   The one time of the year I envy Christians is on Halloween. Being a jew who lives in Israel I don’t celebrate Halloween but I think it’s one of the coolest holidays in the world. The costumes are great (in Jewish tradition there’s also a holiday where people wear costumes called Purim) but the best thins is the spooky theme that’s associated with this holiday. I just love the witches, haunted houses and dead mummies. Over the years I made lots of Halloween mini albums to inspire Christian friends around the world and I really enjoyed making them.     WHY DO WE LOVE HALLOWEEN You may ask yourself why people invest so much in this holiday when it’s only one day. People love this holiday because: Halloween is centered around having fun and enjoying yourself and …


  Inside: how to make a Halloween mini album with hidden pockets, surprising flaps and other interactive spooky elements.   I think that interactive mini albums are great but they are especially great for Halloween. Making an interactive mini album filled with pockets, hidden flaps and inserts is exactly like making a witch’s spell book that every page is a new surprise. This mini album is full of spooky moving additions and you can make it too just follow the video tutorial   HALLOWEEN MINI ALBUM   Making holiday mini albums is a long and grand scrapbook tradition. When there is so much designed and specialty papers and embellishments available it is almost impossible to resist making a mini album for evey holiday. It is even more fitting when it comes to Halloween so here’s why I think making a Halloween mini album is a must: There are many great looking photos of kids in costumes that are just perfect …

5 Minutes Craft – Mummy TP Trick or Treat Boxes

There’s just enough time to make these spook-tacular easy and fun toilet paper rolls mini Trick or Treat boxes and fill them with yummy candies. All you need are a few TP rolls that instead of finding their way to the bin can be used to create last minute party favors. This is a great craft to do with your kids or in school. It only takes 5 minutes to create the box, wrap it with a white bandage you can get at the pharmacy and add a face. The face is the really fun part because you can create all kinds of spooky faces with as many eyes or teeth that you want! Don’t miss out! Keep up with all the crafty goodness by subscribing to the Einat Kessler creative newsletter Have fun creating! 


  Inside: how to make a DIY Halloween picture frame   Everybody is so busy getting ready for Halloween, deciding what costumes to wear, what candies to buy and what decorations to have. The big spooky day will be here and you’ll take lots of photos why not display them in a spooktacular way too? You can make this BOOtiful frame ahead of time and display photos from previous Halloweens!   Making your own holiday embellishments will save you money and allow you to be creative. If you use different size frames you can create a complete wall of Halloween picture frames with old and new photos and display your memories for everyone to enjoy.   MAKING A HALLOWEEN PICTURE FRAME   1. Attach metal wire to the back of plastic skulls with tape. 2. Attach wire to the back of frame with tape. 3. Cover frame with skulls duct tape. 4. Attach black cord to spiders. Let dry. 5. …


  Inside: how to make an altered Halloween spell book cover   I think the most fun projects I ever made were made for Halloween. I love all the creepy spooky stuff you get to add to everything and even if I don’t celebrate this holiday (like me, because I don’t in a country where this holiday is celebrated) it’s still fun. This altered Halloween spell book takes a little time to create and it will defenitely upgrade your spooky book shelf!.     SUPPLIES NEEDED TO MAKE THE HALLOWEEN SPELL BOOK   OLD BOOK   To create the Halloween spell book you’ll need to use an old book and alter it. For this project you can use any book you have – that means any language, size, page thickness etc. The only thing you must make sure is to use a hard cover book. This is a great opportunity to use a book you no longer need or read.I …

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