Inside: smart ways to use all your old cards from the holidays. Instead of throwing them away reuse and re-purpose them!   This time of year we all have many cards around the house. On one hand I always feel really bad throwing them away because people took the time to pick them, write something and then send them but on the other hand I don’t really want to keep them because it’s just a card with a few words like I get every year and if I keep them all I’ll need another room… Lol So I started thinking if keeping them or throwing them were my two only options… apparently not!     WAYS TO USE OLD CARDS   KEEP THEM   Keep cards from special events like a wedding or Bar-Mitzva as a piece of family history to show your children or grandchildren. Don’t keep all of them just the ones with special design, words or …


Inside: introducing the new hot trend in the art world: Artist Trading Coins – what are they and how to make them   I have a new obsession: Artist Trading Coins! They are not only super fun to make but they answer two of my main needs in paper crafting: first, using my scraps – it just bothers me if I see a large scrap pile. The second, creating paper collages – I just love taking small pieces and turning them into a work of art.   WHAT ARE ARTIST TRADING COINS Artist Trading Coins are an evolution of Artist Trading cards which first appeared in 1997 in Switzerland when a local artist hosted their first swap. Since then it has taken off in the art world and many crafters and artists have embraced this art form. These are small artistic projects in a shape of a circle. They can be made in any style, with any material and in …


Inside: 20 easy and fun ideas to scrap your leftovers without using special skills or tools.   Leftover supplies…paper scraps… we all have them in boxes, drawers and containers! Some of us have a lot and some of us just a little but we all stare at them not knowing how to use them. In this post I want to share with you some fun and easy ways to use your leftovers on your scrapbook pages so these piles will get a little smaller.     WHY DO WE HAVE SO MANY LEFTOVERS?   We love buying craft supplies for a specific project or just because we saw something we like at the craft store. But we usually buy more than we need. We use the supplies in a project but we don’t use all of them so we have little pieces of paper, ribbons etc. These leftovers go to a drawer or a box and we kind of forget …


  Inside: how to make a DIY configuration box with old toys   I don’t consider myself a hoarder and I have no problem throwing things away. But some things have special meaning and I want to keep them. Like some old small toys my boys used to play with when they were little. But instead of just keeping them in a forgotten box I made a configuration box to display them.     WHAT IS A CONFIGURATION BOX?   Configuration boxes are a modern take on the old printer’s tray, they are a collection of small boxes in different sizes, which are connected together that can be painted and embellished. You can buy them or make them yourself.     HOW TO MAKE A DISPLAY CONFIGURATION BOX FOR TOYS   What do you do or did with your kids old toys? I’m a sentimental girl and it’s hard for me to throw things away especially if they have a …

Steampunk Hot-Air Balloon

The steampunk queen strikes again! FYI I didn’t give myself this title…you did, or at least some of you Lol! I sure love steampunk and I’m happy to share with you another project. This one looks difficult but it’s much easier than you think! It’s because of all the tricks I’m using here to create faux metal and keep everything light weight. I started with a plastic ball I got at the craft store, you can use an ornament or even a glass ball, although you will need to be a little bit more carefull with that. I covered the ball with pieces of gold Duck Tape and then painted it with black acrylic paint. I waited for about half a minute and then wiped the paint with a paper towel, creating a really pretty effect of blackened metal. I added faux leather stripes with faux rivets and steampunk embellishments, including a propeller. I used an old cardboard box as …


  Inside: how to make a faux tree trunk fairy house with supplies you have in your stash!   Have you ever put two socks in your washing machine and when it was finished only found one? It happens to me all the time! The explanation for this phenomenon is that the socks get sucked into the washing machine’s pipes or get pulled under the drum. However there’s another more controversial explanation which I like much better… the fairies stole one of the socks! You don’t have to believe in fairies to make this faux tree trunk fairy house but… it won’t hurt 🙂     FAUX TREE TRUNK LOOK Making a faux tree trunk look is a process of making one material look like another material. Tree bark has two distinct characteristics you need to consider: Texture: the bark is not smooth but very coarse and has a lot of texture. So you’ll need to add texture to the …


  Inside: a cool way to repurpose old plastic toys and use them to make a configuration box   I’m a sentimental person and it’s hard for me to let go of things, especially if they remind me of good tikes. So when I had to get rid of some old plastic toys because my boys grew out of them I wanted to find something to do with them instead of throwing them or giving them away. I couldn’t keep all of the toys so I did end up giving them away, but I kept a few for a craft idea I had – use them in a configuration box.     WHY REPURPOSE OLD TOYS   Plastic is not good for the environment and you what to do what you can to help. You don’t like throwing things away. You have unused, broken toys that you can’t really give away in the condition they’re in. The children are out …

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