Inside: how to rescue your valuable old photos from magnetic albums   If you’re over 40 it means you probably have old magnetic albums, black glue-on scrapbooks or just old photos stashed in boxes or drawers. All these precious photos filled with memories and history are in danger! If you used “magnetic” pages in your album – the ones with sticky pages that you could cover with clear plastic – your photos might already be in rough shape. Photos on old black paper pages, even with photo corners, might not be faring well, either. If you do own one of these older photo albums full of precious family pictures then I advise you to do something NOW to try and prevent further deterioration.     WHAT CAN HAPPEN TO YOUR OLD PHOTOS   Older magnetic photo albums have pages that are covered in strips of sticky glue that hold the photos to the pages. The pages are then sealed under …


  Inside: how to age paper – techniques to make paper look old   I love craft materials with a vintage and aged look especially paper. Waiting until paper gets to look old on its own can take a very long time so other than buying it in the craft store the best way to have aged paper is to make it yourself.     WHY AGE PAPER   Although making your own craft paper supply can be time consuming using different techniques and materials to age paper yourself is a good idea for several reasons: Age any paper you want without depending on the selection the store has. Control the color and hue of the paper. Decide if and what texture to add to the paper. Make large number of aged paper. Cost effective and very cheap. Use materials you already have at home and in the craft room.   WHAT TO DO WITH AGED PAPER   When you …


  Inside: how to make a configuration box with 3D objects and little found treasures   I have a confession to make… I’m a hoarder. My house is not full of stuff but I do have A LOT of metal embellishments that I collect from all kinds of places. Why I collect them is a good question – something about metal objects fascinates me especially when it comes to add them to mixed media and altered project. They have a really interesting look in a craft project that I can’t resist. However collecting is nice but what do you do with all the metal embellishments you have?   I found an answer… fill a configuration box!     WHAT IS A CONFIGURATION BOX   Configuration box is of a shadow box with compartments that can be filled with 3D objects. You can find wooden boxes ad chipboard boxes from various brands. Each brand has a different order and sizes for …

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