How to Age Paper – 6 easy technique to make paper look old

If you want to give a pristine white paper a browned, unevenly-colored aged appearance and parchment-like texture you need to use an aging technique. I love using my own aged paper for my vintage and steampunk projects. It’s also very cost effective because you only need a few ingredients to create this effect instead of buying lots of expensive paper. There are a few techniques to age paper: Coffee I’m not a coffee drinker but this aroma filled powder can be much more than just a bevarage, it can be used to age paper and give it a brown antique look.There are two ways to acheive this effect: Painting with coffee Dipping in coffee Tea Tea staining will give you a lighter color and more suttle result than coffee. You can use the tea bag itself to stain the paper directly or dip the paper in the tea. You can dry the stained paper in the oven or in a …

Combination Easel and Stair Step Card Tutorial with Einat

Hi dear crafty friends! Today I want to share with you a fun Combination Easel and Stair Step Card Tutorial. It’s easy to make and you can use any papers you want but the important thing to notice is not to use bulky embellishments. If you want to put it in an envelope you need to make sure it will fold. So use thin chipboards, cut out images or stickers to embellish the card.     Combination Easel and Stair Step Card Tutorial Start with a 5 1/4″ x 12″ piece of double sided cardstock. I used the Lavender garden papers by Craft & You. I’m not usually a purple fan but I said the same thing about yellow and changed my mind. So I decided to use all the colors of the rainbow even if I think I don’t like it. Usually I love how the project turns out! Score the cardstock at 1 1/4″, 2 1/2″, 4 1/4″, …

How to Create Your Own Chipboard with Sizzix

Hi dear crafty friends! Today I want to share with you How to Create Your Own Chipboard with Sizzix. Chipboards are amazing and easy to use and they come in all shapes and sizes. But you can never have all of them so what happens when you need a certain shape but don’t have it? Create it yourself!     How to Create Your Own Chipboard with Sizzix Chipboard is basically layers of thinner paper glued to one another with special glue and pressure. You don’t need any special machines or glue to create your own custom designed chipboard. All you need is a Sizzix die of your favorite shape and some strong liquid glue. Die cut the shape at least seven times from cardstock.      Then start attaching the shape together in layers. Make sure to align the edges and glue each layer exactly on top of the previous one.     When it’s all dry you have …

Leftover Chipboard Mixed Media Canvas

Hi dear crafty friends! Do you have a lot of chipboard leftovers? letters, pieces you can’t find what to do with and even the chipboard sheets that held the shapes you already used. I don’t throw them away and I have a LOT! So today i want to share with you how to create a Leftover Chipboard Mixed Media Canvas. Leftover Chipboard Mixed Media Canvas For this canvas I used an 8×8 canvas. First I added a little texture to the background with a stencil and modeling paste. Then I started adding leftover chipboard letters.     The next step was to add leftover chipboard sheets in the center to add height to more chipboard shapes like borders and frames. I also used circle chipboards that had the letters in them.     Then I painted everything with black gesso and added metallic paints. To finish the canvas I added a few metal shapes to compliment the paints. The final …

My Top 3 Tutorials for 2017

Hi dear crafty friends! It’s time for summaries again! So today I want to share with you My Top 3 Tutorials for 2017. When I looked at all the tutorials I made this year I surprised even myself…there were more than I thought.  Here’s my list for my favorite tutorials:      My Top 3 Tutorials for 2017 Art Journal Page: Eyes I love this art journal page for two reasons. First it’s really easy to create. Much easier than it looks. Second, I love the impact those big eyes have. The page is absolutely penetrates you and you almost can’t look away.     Vintage Lady Mixed media Canvas When I create a project with a tutorial I try not only to challenge you but also to challenge myself. This project was a little outside my comfort zone. I used a Victorian looking focal point with lots of flowers and created a shabby chic romantic look. Even though it …

12 Cards of Christmas – Snowflakes Cards

Hi dear crafty friends! Today on 12 Cards of Christmas – Snowflakes Cards. I know it’s not winter all over the world and not every one gets snow on Christmas but since I love snow I wanted to make to cards with a snowflake motif. This way if I don’t get real snow at least I’ll get it on a card 🙂     12 Cards of Christmas – Snowflakes Cards Gig Snowflake Card I just love creating snowflakes. It’s easy if you keep in mind that a snowflake has six identical sides. So basically you have to repeat yourself six times and then you get a really beautiful design. I came up with a simple way to create a big snowflake on a card.     Snowflakes Wreath Card For the next card I used a snowflake shape in a different way. I created a wreath assembled from little red and green snowflakes. Who said that snowflakes had to …

12 Cards of Christmas – Two Designs with Sizzix Dies

Hi dear crafty friends! Today on 12 Cards of Christmas – Two Designs with Sizzix Dies. AS you know I’m on the Sizzix design team and I’m having fun using their dies especially for cards. And what better time then Christmas to use some dies and create some easy cards but with a little twist…     12 Cards of Christmas – Two Designs with Sizzix Dies Circle Fold Card     One of the ways to make a card looks a little more unique and interesting is to change its shape. You probably all know how to create a gate fold card but that’s ordinary. It can be beautiful and embellished but everybody is doing it right? How about changing the square shape of the card and add a circle? This card has one side of its fold square but the other side is a circle! How fun is that? If you like this twist you can change the …

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