Inside: how to add a title to any paper craft project in a unique and creative way   Everyone has a name it is the first thing that we are known for. So should any paper craft project. A title is the first thing that you see on a layout, mini album or an art journal page and that is why it’s important to take the time and add the right kind of title . There are many ways to add that title with positive and negative points to each way. Which way to use is up to you but my recommendation is to try as many ways as you can to make things more interesting.   HOW TO ADD A TITLE TO A PAPER CRAFT PROJECT   You can create a title on your paper craft project from almost any material using many types of techniques. Here are my 5 best ways:   UNIQUE TITLE ON YOUR PAPER CRAFT …


Inside: 10 reasons you’ll want to make mini albums for your photos   When I discovered mini albums a few years back I thought I discovered a treasure! I thought it was a genius solution for many of the issues I had with the large 12×12 scrapbook pages. I have to admit that since then I hardly made any layouts and I’m completely in love with the mini album concept. However I often get asked what’s the point? Why make mini albums instead of the traditional 12×12 pages? What are the benefits… why should I make them?     WHY MAKE MINI ALBUMS   MANAGEABLE PROJECT For some people, especially me, the thought of starting a big 12X12 scrapbook is just too overwhelming and time consuming. Just the thought of starting a large page, think about how to fit all these photos to one or two pages really discourages me from even starting. When I know there is a beginning …


Inside: 10 fun and creative ideas to make mini album inserts you just have to try!   I can’t think of the last time I made a scrapbook or a mini album page without adding an interactive mechanism or an insert. It’s safe to say I can’t stop making them and I try to come up with new ways to make them all the time. I love making inserts so much my crafty friends have started calling me the queen of inserts…     WHAT ARE MINI ALBUM INSERTS Mini album inserts are little paper additions in various designs that you add to an interactive page with a pocket, a belly band or other mechanism you can insert something to. Inserts can be very simple or complicated and sometimes can be a mini album on their own. Many mini album inserts making techniques come from the card making world because they are essentially little cards or have a card structure. …


Inside: 3 spooktacular Halloween mini albums you must make for this holiday! Step by step tutorials on how to make each one!   The one time of the year I envy Christians is on Halloween. Being a jew who lives in Israel I don’t celebrate Halloween but I think it’s one of the coolest holidays in the world. The costumes are great (in Jewish tradition there’s also a holiday where people wear costumes called Purim) but the best thins is the spooky theme that’s associated with this holiday. I just love the witches, haunted houses and dead mummies. Over the years I made lots of Halloween mini albums to inspire Christian friends around the world and I really enjoyed making them.     WHY DO WE LOVE HALLOWEEN You may ask yourself why people invest so much in this holiday when it’s only one day. People love this holiday because: Halloween is centered around having fun and enjoying yourself and …


Inside: 8 tutorials for one page projects you must try!   I make paper projects for a long time and I have to admit sometimes it gets boring. Doing the same projects even if they are with different papers again and again is not fun for me. So I try to make my life a little harder, creatively, by coming up with ways to create projects. You might think I’m crazy limiting myself like that but for me it works! When I challenge myself to come up with a project made from just one sheet of paper I get really good ideas 🙂  How about you try it too?       WHAT ARE ONE PAGE PROJECTS? One page projects are paper crafts made from a single sheet of paper. The type of project you can create from one sheet of paper is versatile and can be a mini album, card, box or a combination of them. To create the …


Inside: great hacks to make amazing mini albums you need to know and try!   If you’re a paper crafter and you want to showcase your photos and document your memories you can make 12×12 scrapbook pages or mini albums. However sometimes those large empty scrapbook pages are a little intimidating and time consuming to create so a smaller mini album is the perfect way to achieve the same goals in less time and more fun!     Mini albums come in all sizes, with 8”x8” and 6”x6” being the most popular. They often have all their pages in the album about a specific person, place, event or occasion. There’s often a thread of continuity in terms of design: The papers match the album or the scrapper uses the same alphabet stickers throughout. WHY MAKE MINI ALBUMS Overwhelmed by the thought of devoting time, money and energy to a giant scrapbook, more and more people are starting small. Mini albums …

Travel Memories Envelope Mini Album

Hi dear crafty friends! Today I want to share with you my Travel Memories Envelope Mini Album. I just realized I never shared it with you even though I made it almost two years ago. It was safely stored in my Etsy box where I keep all my items for sale. I went through it and found it there… waiting to be shared with the world.     Travel Memories Envelope Mini Album Paper bag mini albums were a big hit a while back and I still think they are really fun to make. The main reason is because the paper bag is doing half the work! You have a page and a pocket all made up and all you need to do is bind the paper bags and decorate the pages with pattern papers and embellishments.       What I really love about mini albums like this is that they look small but they can fit lots of …

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