Inside: how to make amazing altered art projects from stuff you have in your house!   A wise man once said: creative people can make art from anything and I happen to agree. Us crafters, designers, artists (or any other name you want to use) see a potential craft project in things other people don’t. How many times did you see an item thrown out that you thought you could transform to something beautiful? I bet more than once…     Creating art from everyday items and turning household objects or even unused or empty things to something beautiful is called altering or up-cycling. Altered art is a transformation or ‘alteration’ of ordinary, everyday objects into decorative pieces using a wide variety of different techniques and materials. It describes a way of recycling, and giving new life to all sorts of commonplace and functional (or perhaps even useless) items.   WHY CREATE ALTERED ART   Once you get the idea of …


  Inside: the ultimate guide to make a steampunk project including all the materials, steps and secrets you need to know.   I previously wrote a few blog posts and tutorials about steampunk projects but I feel I did you a disservice. All those posts were informative but lacking in information. So today I’m collecting all the scattered information into one ultimate guide and sharing everything I know about steampunk projects and how to make them!     WHAT IS STEAMPUNK?   Steampunk is a sub-genre of science fiction or science fantasy that incorporates technology and aesthetic designs inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery. The steampunk style works are often set in an alternative history of the 19th century’s British Victorian era or American “Wild West” and incorporate mechanical parts and fantasy alongside old futuristic and Victorian elements like hot air balloons, light bulbs, wings  and pipes.   TYPES OF STEAMPUNK PROJECTS   Steampunk is a movement that extends beyond …


  Inside: how to decorate a box with chipboard   My one great craft supply weakness is boxes! I admit I can’t throw them away and every box I see is a potential craft project for me. So I have a pile of boxes from all materials in my craft room and I get to stare at them daily. But sometimes inspiration strikes and I take one box and make it into something beautiful…     ALTERING AND EMBELLISHING BOXES   Boxes are a great thing to alter or embellish: They are made of materials that are easy to cover with paper, paint or color. Boxes are useful so altering them is not just taking care of the environment but also creating more storage for you. You can find boxes in all shapes and sizes. They are 3D which allows more design options. You can decorate them with almost any object or embellishments.   DECORATE A BOX WITH CHIPBOARD   …

Fearless Mixed Media Canvas

Hi dear crafty friends! Today I’m sharing my Fearless Mixed Media Canvas I created for Words & Paintery challenge. The theme was to use red colors and give an interpretation to the quote: Courage is not the absence of fear, which I think is a very true quote, at least for me. I always try not to let fear guide me both in my life and in my art.     Fearless Mixed Media Canvas I started this canvas with an idea. I was working on a different project, using some chipboard cogwheels and when they were all finished only the outer sheet remained. I looked at it and knew immediately I had to use it in a project. I just loved the square sheet with the different size holes. So I started with adding texture to a canvas with modeling paste and then glued the chipboard sheet on the canvas. The textured paste created enough height that the chipboard …

Artists Trading Cards Steampunk Style

Hi dear crafty friends!Today I want to share with you my first ever ATC’s. Yes, I know it’s surprising but I never made any before. So of course the first ones I’ll create will be Artists Trading Cards Steampunk Style! I made six cards and as you’ll see they are for trade… Artists Trading Cards Steampunk StyleIf you’re not familiar with ATC’s here are the basics that you need to know:Size: 2.5″ x 3.5″You can use all mediumsCreate more than one and show your styleSign your name and add the card’s title on the backATC’s are for trade never for saleTo create the cards I used black cardstock which I covered with white gesso. Then I sprayed the cards with some ink sprays to give them a little color and shimmer.   The next step was to start adding the steampunk theme embellishments. I decided to create some weird looking images on some of the cards and on others I just added steampunk …

Steampunk Girl Reverse Canvas

Hi dear crafty friends!Today I want to share with you a different creation that I call: Steampunk Girl Reverse Canvas. The reason it’s different is that it’s weird, unusual and some would say spooky or even ugly.It is definitely not everybody’s cup of tea but I sometimes like creating these strange pieces of art. I would love to know waht you think…   Steampunk Girl Reverse CanvasThis piece started with a canvas I reversed and covered with tissue paper and then sprayed with very light colors. That was the frame for the girl, angel or ghost, you decide. BTW this is the fun part of art when every one sees something different! I created the steampunk girl from an old doll I had. I took out her legs, cut off all her hair and painted her with white gesso. Then I made her a wire skirt with a metal top. and added steampunk pieces to her head, face and body.     When she was …

LOVE Mixed Media Canvas

Hi dear crafty friends! I have a new project to share with you. It’s a LOVE Mixed Media Canvas I created with the photos of my husband and boys. I was inspired by More than Words June challenge that seems to be created just for me: Father and Steampunk. LOVE Mixed Media Canvas It’s clear that this theme is totally me so I just had to create something. I usually create mixed media canvases in a steampunk style without photos, so my problem was how to incorporate photos in this canvas. I decided that close up photos would be the best but I had to cut them from different photos so the colors didn’t match. So I first turned them into black and white photos and after I printed them on regular, not photo paper I want over them with a few colors of distress ink to give them the same color as the metal. The creation process of this canvas …

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