Inside: 8 tutorials for one page projects you must try!   I make paper projects for a long time and I have to admit sometimes it gets boring. Doing the same projects even if they are with different papers again and again is not fun for me. So I try to make my life a little harder, creatively, by coming up with ways to create projects. You might think I’m crazy limiting myself like that but for me it works! When I challenge myself to come up with a project made from just one sheet of paper I get really good ideas 🙂  How about you try it too?       WHAT ARE ONE PAGE PROJECTS?   One page projects are paper crafts made from a single sheet of paper. The type of project you can create from one sheet of paper is versatile and can be a mini album, card, box or a combination of them. To create …


  Inside: 13 amazing boxes to make yourself for easy storage    Boxes are the number one paper project everyone is making! OK I made that up but if we have the papers and we need to keep our home organized why not create our own storage solutions? You know how much I love boxes and crafts so let’s combine the two! We will not only be organized but we’ll also use some of the paper mountains we have in our stash 😉     WHAT DO YOU NEED TO MAKE A BOX   Paper boxes will never be as strong as plastic or metal but they can be strong enough to store various items. If you build them correctly and make them sturdy enough then you can fill them with small items like beads or heavier items like markers. It’s all a matter of size and the material you use. The material to build a box needs to be …


  Inside: how to make a one page wonder box   I love challenging myself in different ways especially in crafts. So I like to come up with ways of making paper projects with limits. In this case I tried to come up with an idea to make a box from only one piece of 12×12 cardstock. These types of projects are called one page wonder projects and making them is not only fun it’s frugal!     HOW TO MAKE A ONE PAGE WONDER BOX   Coming up with the design for this box took some trial and error but I think the final result is not bad.   Here’s how to make it: Score a 12×12 double sided cardstock at 3″ and 9″ Turn the page quarter of a turn and score at 3″, 5 1/2″, 8 1/2″ and 11″ While the four score lines are horizontal cut out top left and right corners from the edge until …


  Inside: how to make a one page wonder mini album   After coming up with ideas for making boxes from only one 12×12 cardstock I had to come up with some fun ideas for one page wonder mini albums too.       MAKING ONE PAGE WONDER MINI ALBUM   Making one page mini albums require a little different approach. There is no cover or binding here. The idea is to create the cover and the pages from the same paper and that require fancy folding.   Here’s how to create it:   Score a 12×12 cardstock vertically at 3 7/8″, 4″, 8″ and 8 1/4″. Turn the paper 90 degrees to the right and score at 2″ and 8″. Fold all the fold lines.       Cut from the bottom of the page on the fold lines up to the first horizontal fold line on 2″. Widen the cuts and create a gap to allow the parts …


  Inside: how to make a one sheet wonder mini album   I sometimes feel bored with making mini albums and that I’m doing the same things over and over again, so I decided to challenge myself to do something different. The challenge was to make a mini album from only one sheet of 12×12 cardstock including a cover…       WHAT IS A ONE PAGE WONDER PROJECT   A one sheet wonder project is a craft project that is made from only one piece of paper, ususally fom a 12×12 or a 8.5×11 paper. These projects are usually mini albums and cards and they are very popular because they are easy and fast to make.   WHY MAKE ONE SHEET WONDER MINI ALBUMS   This type of mini album is very fast to make so if yo want to make a project in one afternoon or in a crop this is the project for you. It is easy …


  Inside: how to make an inspiration mini book with patterns and color combinations   Do you ever create for the sake of creating and fun or do you always create something that is useful and has a purpose? I love creating with no specific goal or purpose just for the fun and the creative process. When that happens I start with a technique or a material and just play with it until something starts to form. This process is very inspiring because it allows you to experiment, try new things without worrying you’ll destroy a specific project.       WHAT IS AN INSPIRATION MINI BOOK   An inspiration book is something that inspires you to start a creative process. Each one is inspired by different things so each inspiration book will look different. The book can inspire you while you create it or after it’s complete – it is all up yo you!   HOW TO MAKE YOUR …


  Inside: how to make a one page wonder interactive mini album   Sometimes I’m in a strange mood, on one hand I want to make a fun, original and complex project but on the other hand I don’t feel like taking out a lot of supplies and making a big mess. My solution… making a one page wonder interactive mini album!     ONE PAGE WONDER INTERACTIVE MINI ALBUM   This project is the highlight of mini albums! Not only does it have many pages and can fit at least 10 photos, but it has pockets and flaps AND it is made from only one sheet of double sided cardstock. Making all these pages and interactive elements from only one piece of 12″ x 12″ cardstock requires careful planning, cutting and measuring. The best way to build it is with a detailed sketch.       HOW TO MAKE AN INTERACTIVE MINI ALBUM FROM ONE PAPER     Start …

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