Inside: 20 easy and fun ideas to scrap your leftovers without using special skills or tools.   Leftover supplies…paper scraps… we all have them in boxes, drawers and containers! Some of us have a lot and some of us just a little but we all stare at them not knowing how to use them. In this post I want to share with you some fun and easy ways to use your leftovers on your scrapbook pages so these piles will get a little smaller.     WHY DO WE HAVE SO MANY LEFTOVERS? We love buying craft supplies for a specific project or just because we saw something we like at the craft store. But we usually buy more than we need. We use the supplies in a project but we don’t use all of them so we have little pieces of paper, ribbons etc. These leftovers go to a drawer or a box and we kind of forget them. …


inside: how to create a new, interesting and fun scrapbook pages!   Are you tired of having all your scrapbook pages look the same? Do you want to liven things up and make some new and interesting pages? Today I want to introduce to you a fun, whimsical and very unique scrapbook page style that you can make to create beautiful story like pages. This style of scrapbooking doesn’t really have an official name so let’s call it a storybook page style.     SCRAPBOOK PAGES STYLE Different scrapbookers have different styles and they create different pages. Some layouts will look clean and simple, others will be layered with patterned papers and embellishments. Some might have a funky, retro look while others look vintage and old-fashioned. These different looks are the scrapbook pages style. It’s simply the fashion of the page. It’s the look, the feel and the mood. It might be clean and simple, or funky, romantic or trendy. …


Inside: how to rescue your valuable old photos from magnetic albums   If you’re over 40 it means you probably have old magnetic albums, black glue-on scrapbooks or just old photos stashed in boxes or drawers. All these precious photos filled with memories and history are in danger! If you used “magnetic” pages in your album – the ones with sticky pages that you could cover with clear plastic – your photos might already be in rough shape. Photos on old black paper pages, even with photo corners, might not be faring well, either. If you do own one of these older photo albums full of precious family pictures then I advise you to do something NOW to try and prevent further deterioration.     WHAT CAN HAPPEN TO YOUR OLD PHOTOS Older magnetic photo albums have pages that are covered in strips of sticky glue that hold the photos to the pages. The pages are then sealed under a …


Inside: why work with a sketch and how it will make your scrapbook pages better   Everyone of us hit a creative wall sometimes. We finally find the time and mood to create some scrapbook pages but we have no inspiration at all, no ideas! This is definitely a frustrating situation because we stare at a pile of papers and embellishments and we are stuck. This is where the sketch comes in! I can’t tell you how many times sketches have saved me and turned a boring and unfruitful afternoon into a multiple scrapbook page extravaganza!       WHAT IS A SKETCH? Think of sketches like “blueprints” for creating pages. They feature outlines for scrapbook layouts that give you a general idea of where to place your papers, photos, embellishments, titles and journal spaces, and typically come in gray scale tones to allow you to visualize the page designs with your own products. They differ in their level of …


Inside: how to use chipboard in your craft projects. Even use the negative leftovers!   If you’re like me you probably have lots of different types of chipboard. Are you really using them in your craft projects or are you just buying them and let them sit around collecting dust? Have you ever tried to buy them online but weren’t sure what you needed? If those questions sound familiar then I’m here to help you be a master of chipboard!     WHAT IS CHIPBOARD? Chipboard is a pressed paperboard (non-corrugated cardboard). It’s made by gluing fragments and layers of recycled paper together. The adhesive is applied using pressure and heat and ends up being smooth and rigid. The thickness varies from very thick to very thin, but it is always heavier than cardstock. Chipboard is popular for scrapbooking, card making, rubber stamp projects and more. It can be painted, inked, distressed, cut and glued. You can also buy chipboard …


Inside: 40+ ideas to make your scrapbook pages look amazing every time   If you’re a seasoned scrapbooker or a beginner you want to create beautiful and meaningful scrapbook pages and you’re always looking for new ideas. We have some amazing ideas you need to try to make your scrapbook pages look incredible every time!     SCRAPBOOK PAGE TITLE IDEAS A title is an important ingredient on a layout and can add a unique look to the entire page. A creative title will always boost up your page and add extra interest to it. I always try to come up with new ideas for titles. It’s not just the content that matters it’s also the shape and design of the title.       Match the title design to the theme of your page Add dimension with materials like foam, chipboard or foam tape Combine letters with interesting shapes and handmade embellishments Embellish the letters    SCRAPBOOKING PHOTO IDEAS The …

Scrapbooking Tips: Creating Wet Layouts

Hi dear crafty friends! Today on Scrapbooking Tips: Creating Wet Layouts. It’s summer outside and on the northern hemisphere it’s HOT! One of the best things to do on a hot day is spend it in the water.Today I want to share some ideas for layouts telling the stories of those “wet” fun days!     Scrapbooking Tips: Creating Wet Layouts Sea colors backgrounds Create a page with ocean colors that blend together with the photo. That will immediately give your page the right atmosphere and mood. It can be a pattern with waves, a paper with blue and green colors or even a white cardstock that you can paint or spray yourself to match the colors of the photo.     Add “wet” embellishments Add “wet” motifs to your page like: sea shells, waves, lighthouse or palm trees. Anything that relates to the beach, the ocean or the swimming pool will complete the look of your page. You can …

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