Inside: best ideas to make printers trays and configuration boxes   One of my main craft supplies problems is that I collect stuff… a lot of it and over time I accumulated quite a collection. I mainly collect small items, embellishments, 3D objects etc and I have boxes full of them! You probably ask yourself what am I doing with them? Well… my favorite way of using them is embellishing printers trays and configuration boxes because they are perfect for that!     WHAT ARE PRINTERS TRAYS ANDCONFIGURATION BOXES   Printers trays are exactly as the name states they are a tray for printers. Long ago, the printers would put varied letterpress letters in the small compartments of the tray for organizing them and typesetting. Configuration Boxes are a modern take on the old printer’s tray, they are a collection of small boxes in different sizes, which are connected together that can be painted and embellished. Both types of …


Inside: 15 amazing house project ideas like mini albums, cards and wall hangings you must make!   This original post was written in the summer of 2014 when we had gone through a terrible experience of war. Hundreds of rockets were fired on our cities and homes. But we didn’t back down or left we stayed and toughed it out. These are our homes and the only place we have on this earth so as bad as it got we endured. During that time I made a little collection of house theme craft projects I’ve made through the years but I wanted to update the post because many other fun projects were created since.       WHY DO WE LOVE HOUSE SHAPE PROJECTS The shape of a house always reminds us of our home, our family and maybe even our childhood. It’s that comfortable and safe feeling That we have when we get home that’s why the phrase goes: …


Inside: how to alter a milk carton into a masterpiece instead of throwing it away   I don’t know how the four of us can generate so much trash. I try to minimize our amount of trash but somehow it keeps mounting. So I wanted to come up with ways to recycle or up-cycle some of the things we usually throw away and I came up with a few ways to make a masterpiece out of a milk or juice carton.       ALTER A MILK CARTON Instead of throwing away your milk or juice cartons you can use it as a base for an altered craft project. A carton like this is good for recycling or altering because: It has thick walls that can “carry” mediums, paint and paper without wrinkling or degrading. The carton has the perfect square shape and even sides to add embellishments,photos or other 3D items. Its shape resembles a shape of a house …


Inside: how to make amazing altered art projects from stuff you have in your house!   A wise man once said: creative people can make art from anything and I happen to agree. Us crafters, designers, artists (or any other name you want to use) see a potential craft project in things other people don’t. How many times did you see an item thrown out that you thought you could transform to something beautiful? I bet more than once…     Creating art from everyday items and turning household objects or even unused or empty things to something beautiful is called altering or up-cycling. Altered art is a transformation or ‘alteration’ of ordinary, everyday objects into decorative pieces using a wide variety of different techniques and materials. It describes a way of recycling, and giving new life to all sorts of commonplace and functional (or perhaps even useless) items. WHY CREATE ALTERED ART Once you get the idea of looking at …

Paper and Quilling Altered Frame

Hi dear crafty friends! How do you present your favorite photos? Are they tucked away in albums, are they framed and hanged on the wall? Today i want to share with you a Paper and Quilling Altered Frame I created to present one of my favorite family photos.     Paper and Quilling Altered Frame I started this frame with a shadow frame i got at IKEA. They come in a white color, which I didn’t like. So I covered it with gesso and then painted it with brown acrylic paint. When the paint was dry I added a little white strokes with a dry brush to create a vintage distressed look. The next step was to create the details. First I cut all the large pieces of flowers, butterflies and the background. I layered them all on the inside of the frame and around it. To create dimension I added the flowers on the inside and outside of the …

Altered Toys Configuration Box

Hi dear crafty friends! I just went over my blog and realized I never shared with you my Altered Toys Configuration Box that I create a long time ago. This project is from such a long time ago the photos are not so good and I didn’t even wait for the glue to dry before I took them… I did remember to share the video though…     Altered Toys Configuration Box What do you do or did with your kids old toys? I’m a sentimental girl and it’s hard for me to throw things away especially if they have a special meaning to me, like toys my kids used to play with. So I didn’t want to throw them away I wanted to preserve them in a way but not forgotten in a drawer.     I decided to present them in my own configuration box. After collecting a few small jewelry boxes I could start working. I covered …

Home Decor Steampunk Altered Brushes

Hi dear crafty friends! Today I want to share with you my Home Decor Steampunk Altered Brushes. If you have old unused brushes this project is a good recycling idea for them. If you don’t have old dry brushes then remember not to throw away the brushes when you can’t use them anymore.     Home Decor Steampunk Altered Brushes I’m terrible when it comes to cleaning my brushes. I always forget to clean them and I leave them with all the paint or glue on. his results in many ruined brushes I can’t use anymore. BUT I almost never throw things away, including my brushes because there is always something to do with them… This time I took all my old brushes and glued them together to create a surface to work on. I covered the brushes with rust paste to add to their degraded look. Then I added all kinds of metal embellishments and embellishments I created from …

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