Inside: the best way to make a flap mini album page.   I love surprises – as long as they are good ones, they are so much fun! I just love that feeling of excitement when something unexpected happens and how nice it feels. That’s why I love making interactive mini albums with all kinds of hidden surprises in the pages.   One of the most common interactive surprises is a mini album page with a flap. Imagine yourself flipping through a mini album and suddenly a page, that looks like any other page opens and reveals a hidden page underneath. It can hide an extra photo, journaling or even more surprises like a pocket or even more flaps!     WHY ADD A FLAP TO A MINI ALBUM PAGE   It has an element of fun and surprise The page has extra space for photos or journaling Although it’s easy to make it makes your mini album look …


  Inside: the basic elements you need to know to make amazing interactive mini albums   Remember the line from the movie Forest Gump? “Life is like a box of chocolate…you never know what you’re gonna get” I think it should apply to mini albums too. It’s much more fun and interesting to look through a mini album when you don’t know what you’re going to get or see. The element of surprise is best achieved with interactive moving parts like flaps, windows, pockets and other unexpected mechanisms to surprise you.     WHAT IS AN INTERACTIVE MINI ALBUM?   Interactive mini album is a mini album that has active mechanisms inside, such as pockets, flaps and tags. The viewer is not just looking at pages and photos but has to be actively participating by opening, pulling, sliding parts on the page. That makes the mini album experience much more interesting, fun and exciting!     WHY MAKE INTERACTIVE MINI …


  Inside: 10 fun and creative ideas to make mini album inserts you just have to try!   I can’t think of the last time I made a scrapbook or a mini album page without adding an interactive mechanism or an insert. It’s safe to say I can’t stop making them and I try to come up with new ways to make them all the time. I love making inserts so much my crafty friends have started calling me the queen of inserts…       WHAT ARE MINI ALBUM INSERTS   Mini album inserts are little paper additions in various designs that you add to an interactive page with a pocket, a belly band or other mechanism you can insert something to. Inserts can be very simple or complicated and sometimes can be a mini album on their own. Many mini album inserts making techniques come from the card making world because they are essentially little cards or have …


Inside: Fun and easy ideas to create summer pages for all your memories from this summer vacation, outdoor trips, days at the beach etc.   Personally I’m not a big fan of summer, which is a little strange when you consider the fact I live in a country that is usually hot. I don’t like the heat and the humidity BUT I do love our summer family time and vacations! I’m so lucky that my kids (now 20 and 17 years old) have always enjoyed going on summer activities together and still do! I know it’s not a given so even if I don’t do any other pages through out the year I always do those special pages with our summer memories.     WET SUMMER PAGES   Who doesn’t love going to the beach or the swimming pool to cool off in the inviting blue water?  The water is always a great background for taking beautiful photos with a …

One Page Wonder Interactive Mini Album

Hi dear crafty friends! Today I want to share my farewell project for the Graphic 45 design team: One Page Wonder Interactive Mini Album. I had a lot of fun creating it and before you ask for a tutorial I promise to make one for you.     One Page Wonder Interactive Mini Album As a final project, I wanted to create something that is really me. This project is me in all sorts of ways. First, it’s a one-page wonder project which you know I love. It features one of my all-time favorite collection: Steampunk Debutante. It has an interactive mechanism in it and it utilizes a lot of leftovers, which is something I always challenge myself to do.           The mini album was created from one 12×12 black cardstock. I then covered its pages with the pattern paper and added the flaps and pockets. The binding is a really simple binding with a ribbon. It was hard to capture all the details in this mini …

Exploding Box with Extras

Hi dear crafty friends! Aren’t exploding boxes great fun?! I love them! Today I want to share my Exploding Box with Extras. It’s not a regular exploding box with empty pages to add photos it’s an upgraded exploding boxes with interactive moving parts inside! I created this project for Scrap & Craft and used Craft O’ Clock papers.     Exploding Box with Extras Exploding boxes are already interactive and fun, especially when you open them and they open to all four directions. I wanted to take my exploding box to the next level and make room for even more photos. So I added an interactive mechanism to each side wall of the box and its center.               In the center I created an accordion mini album that can fit photos on both its sides. On the sides I added flaps and pockets. These interactive mechanisms allow you to add many more photos to …


  Inside: how to make easy last minute Chritms cards in less than 5 minutes   Christmas is almost here and times are really hectic so unfortunately you are missing some Christmas cards that you didn’t have time to make. You have two choices: one, to accept your fate and deal with the fact that you won’t have enough cards for everyone you want or you can make two last minute Christmas cards in less than 5 minutes!         LAST MINUTE CHRISTMAS CARD IDEAS   E-CARD   Send a special card online and make it special with a unique addition like a donation, a personal photo or even a favorite song.   PRINTABLE CARDS   Find a cute or funny printable card on etsy print it on your home printer and your card is ready!   DIY LAST MINUTE CHRISTMAS CARDS   When you’re stressed for time you can still make handmade Christmas cards that are pretty …

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