Inside: how to make easy last minute Chritms cards in less than 5 minutes   Christmas is almost here and times are really hectic so unfortunately you are missing some Christmas cards that you didn’t have time to make. You have two choices: one, to accept your fate and deal with the fact that you won’t have enough cards for everyone you want or you can make two last minute Christmas cards in less than 5 minutes!         LAST MINUTE CHRISTMAS CARD IDEAS   E-CARD   Send a special card online and make it special with a unique addition like a donation, a personal photo or even a favorite song.   PRINTABLE CARDS   Find a cute or funny printable card on etsy print it on your home printer and your card is ready!   DIY LAST MINUTE CHRISTMAS CARDS   When you’re stressed for time you can still make handmade Christmas cards that are pretty …

Metal Embellishment – 5-Minute Craft

5 minute crafts are sometimes exactly what you need to create something easy and fast. Today in 5 minute craft – metal embellishment that you can create for any project. You can turn in into a piece of jewelry by piercing a hole in the bottle cap and add a necklace or by attaching a pin and turning it into a broach. It can be a metal embellishment for a printer’s tray, a mixed media canvas or even a scrapbook layout. The best thing is it takes even under 5 minutes to create it.Metal Embellishment in under 5 MinutesAll the supplies I used to create this metal embellishments can be found at craft stores, I got mine at Michael’s. I used beads, bottle caps and other metal pieces I got at the jewelry section. As long as you use metal supplies and not paper you can easily achieve this look. You can also use any findings you might have in …

5-Minute Craft: Gift Bag

My niece’s birthday is coming up soon and she’s an amazing girl! So I got her a little gift which is very nicely wrapped but I want to give it to her in a really cool girly bag. Instead of buying one I’ll show you how to create a gift bag in only 5 minutes! You don’t need any fancy scoring board for gift bags, you only need a paper and a box or a book. Match the size of box/book to the size of your gift and then you’ll be sure it’ll fit. If a 12×12 paper is too small then use a larger patterned paper or a kraft paper that you can embellish later. Since this is a scheduled post (because I’m at CHA) I can’t embed the video here…so check it out on my YouTube channel 🙂 Don’t miss out! Keep up with all the crafty goodness by subscribing to the Einat Kessler creative newsletter Have fun creating!


  Inside: how to make a Christmas card in 5 minutes   Every year I want to start early and make Christmas cards for every one. And every year I end up waiting for the last minute. So I came up with a way to make a Christmas card in 5 minutes so I’ll be able to make many cards in no time!     HOW TO MAKE A CHRISTMAS CARD IN 5 MINUTES   This card is so easy to make you’ll not believe it! And the best thing about it is that it’s great for Hanukkah and Christmas. You can change the pattern of the paper, the colors and the sentiment and you have a great card for both holidays!   Follow the steps in the video to see how to make an equal sides triangle which is the first step to make this card. The triangle sides will all measure 12″. But can change the size of …


  Inside: how to make a Christmas junk journal from all your paper scraps   Every year I teach the 12 Cards of Christmas series (see recent 2020 series) and I’m left with a lot of Christmas papers that are too small for making cards but can still be used for something. I hate throwing away paper scraps and actually I almost never do so I’m left with lots of leftovers. I challenge myself to use them in different ways and one of these ways is to collect a pile of papers and turn them into a junk journal.     WHAT IS A JUNK JOURNAL   Junk journals can vary from person to person, but it generally most of them do share one primary characteristic: The journal is made with mostly a mix of found and recycled materials mostly papers.   HOW TO MAKE A CHRISTMAS JUNK JOURNAL   Making a junk jornal is easy if you follow three …


  Inside: how to make an easy and fast origami paper gift box   Making DIY gifts is something I do often but sometimes even I buy gifts or even gift cards. When I do that I like to make a special paper gift box to present my gift in a more personal way.         MAKING DIY PAPER GIFT BOXES   There are many ways to make paper gift boxes but here are a few important things to remember when you make them: When you need to make a large box use a heavier paper so the box will hold. Match the size of the box to your gift. Some paper gift box templates are fixes and the size can not be changed. Make the paper gift box in the right template to match your gift. The template determines the strength and size of the box so make sure they match.   HOW TO MAKE A BOX …


  Inside: how to make an interactive brag book from one piece of paper AND in 5 minutes   I was so busy I FORGOT to buy a gift for a baby shower I was invited to! I remembered only a few hours before I had to go and there was no time to go to a store. But I didn’t panic because I had an emergency DIY gift I could make for any occasion. It’s an fun and interactive mini album that is not only perfect as a brag book for all those cute baby pictures it is also really fast to make!     WHAT IS A BRAG BOOK   A brag book is a collection of graphic elements, like pictures and embellishments, thoughtfully placed together to build the best story about those things you love the most. Traditionally brag books are used by professionals in job interviews to best position themselves as the best candidate for the …

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