Inside: smart ways to use all your old cards from the holidays. Instead of throwing them away reuse and re-purpose them!   This time of year we all have many cards around the house. On one hand I always feel really bad throwing them away because people took the time to pick them, write something and then send them but on the other hand I don’t really want to keep them because it’s just a card with a few words like I get every year and if I keep them all I’ll need another room… Lol So I started thinking if keeping them or throwing them were my two only options… apparently not!     WAYS TO USE OLD CARDS   KEEP THEM Keep cards from special events like a wedding or Bar-Mitzva as a piece of family history to show your children or grandchildren. Don’t keep all of them just the ones with special design, words or someone really …


Inside: how to make amazing cards with special effects   Even in this era of sending cards via the internet on on your mobile phone I still prefer getting real handmade physical cards. I consider myself a modern girl, I have an account on almost every social media platform I know my way around a smart phone and a computer but there is something about opening your mail box and seeing an envelope of something other than a bill and then opening that envelope and finding a card that was made with love just for you. I love that feeling…don’t you?     MAKING CARDS WITH SPECIAL EFFECTS The next best feeling, or maybe even the best feeling is not receiving the card but making it! Christmas is almost here so if you haven’t started making cards…you should hurry! I love making cards but at some point making ordinary cards seemed boring not just for me but also for those …


Inside: 12 cards of Christmas video tutorials   It’s that time of year again… the time for the 12 Cards of Christmas series! Every year I post it way too late but this year I started early and I’m so happy I can share it with all of you as early as the beginning of October!     12 CARDS OF CHRISTMAS For those of you who never participated in this series you’re in for a treat! I share 12 different Christmas card video tutorials that are completely free. You can pick your favorite card or all of them, follow the step by step video tutorial and make a handmade card for yourselves. the card designs are easy and no early experience is required, however each card has a special something to make it stand out among other cards and be a unique gift for anyone who will receive it.   THE HISTORY OF CHRISTMAS CARDS Ever wondered how the …


Inside: 15 amazing house project ideas like mini albums, cards and wall hangings you must make!   This original post was written in the summer of 2014 when we had gone through a terrible experience of war. Hundreds of rockets were fired on our cities and homes. But we didn’t back down or left we stayed and toughed it out. These are our homes and the only place we have on this earth so as bad as it got we endured. During that time I made a little collection of house theme craft projects I’ve made through the years but I wanted to update the post because many other fun projects were created since.       WHY DO WE LOVE HOUSE SHAPE PROJECTS The shape of a house always reminds us of our home, our family and maybe even our childhood. It’s that comfortable and safe feeling That we have when we get home that’s why the phrase goes: …


Inside: get an early start with your Christmas card making! It’s only 5 months away…   Every year I plan to send holiday cards to all my friends around the world who celebrate Christmas and every year it doesn’t happen. I always procrastinate and think I have lots of time and then it’s already too late. But not this year…this year I’m embracing the Christmas in July tradition and I’m starting early! You might not think about it but Christmas is only 5 months away! Time flies so fast and before you know it winter will be here (I wish) and you’ll have many preparations and so little time (I know… trust me). So here’s my plan: make a cards every day (I need about 50-60) and be done by fall!     WHAT IS CHRISTMAS IN JULY? Apparently this tradition started in the US in a girl’s camp and then spread across the world. It is mainly popular in …


I’m back!! Sorry for being MIA but I was going through some personal stuff and I needed a little time to myself. But now I’m back and just in time for the busy holiday season!     DO YOU MAKE CARDS FOR CHRISTMAS? Christmas cards are one of the oldest traditions of the holiday season. Making your own cards is a more personal and special manner to express your Christmas wishes and greetings. Beyond the individualized aspect of making your own Christmas cards, it can also be a useful activity to occupy children and even a way to save money. Whatever your motive, receiving a Christmas card that you’ve made is sure to make anyone happy and prove a memento they’ll likely keep for a long time. There are a few methods to make your own Christmas cards: MAKING CHRISTMAS CARDS BY HAND As crafters this is my preferred option! There’s nothing like receiving a personal card made just for …

Combination Easel and Stair Step Card Tutorial with Einat

Hi dear crafty friends! Today I want to share with you a fun Combination Easel and Stair Step Card Tutorial. It’s easy to make and you can use any papers you want but the important thing to notice is not to use bulky embellishments. If you want to put it in an envelope you need to make sure it will fold. So use thin chipboards, cut out images or stickers to embellish the card.     Combination Easel and Stair Step Card Tutorial Start with a 5 1/4″ x 12″ piece of double sided cardstock. I used the Lavender garden papers by Craft & You. I’m not usually a purple fan but I said the same thing about yellow and changed my mind. So I decided to use all the colors of the rainbow even if I think I don’t like it. Usually I love how the project turns out! Score the cardstock at 1 1/4″, 2 1/2″, 4 1/4″, …

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