Inside: how to make an inspiration mini book with patterns and color combinations   Do you ever create for the sake of creating and fun or do you always create something that is useful and has a purpose? I love creating with no specific goal or purpose just for the fun and the creative process. When that happens I start with a technique or a material and just play with it until something starts to form. This process is very inspiring because it allows you to experiment, try new things without worrying you’ll destroy a specific project.       WHAT IS AN INSPIRATION MINI BOOK   An inspiration book is something that inspires you to start a creative process. Each one is inspired by different things so each inspiration book will look different. The book can inspire you while you create it or after it’s complete – it is all up yo you!   HOW TO MAKE YOUR …


  Inside: how to make a one page wonder interactive mini album   Sometimes I’m in a strange mood, on one hand I want to make a fun, original and complex project but on the other hand I don’t feel like taking out a lot of supplies and making a big mess. My solution… making a one page wonder interactive mini album!     ONE PAGE WONDER INTERACTIVE MINI ALBUM   This project is the highlight of mini albums! Not only does it have many pages and can fit at least 10 photos, but it has pockets and flaps AND it is made from only one sheet of double sided cardstock. Making all these pages and interactive elements from only one piece of 12″ x 12″ cardstock requires careful planning, cutting and measuring. The best way to build it is with a detailed sketch.       HOW TO MAKE AN INTERACTIVE MINI ALBUM FROM ONE PAPER     Start …

I'm Grateful Mini Envelope Box

The past few days were crazy. Our country has been under rockets’ attacks and life has been scary and stressful. I found it really hard to create anything, my mind just didn’t have the energy to think about and be full of ideas like it usually is. I asked for some advice from my dear FB friends and they said “start with something small”. Well…I decided enough is enough, I would force myself to create something, something small. During the past few days I had a lot of time to think about what I’m grateful for. Rockets tend to put things in perspective…I wanted those things I’m grateful for to be with me all the time so I’ll never forget, so I created a little mini envelope box to hold them. This box will be my treasure box filled with photos of my family and friends and small cards with inspiring words and sentences written on them, the kind of …

DCC – Handmade with LOVE

Hi crafters! It’s the first Monday of the month and we are hopping again with all my Designer Craft Connection friends! This time I created a mini album that is not only created with love but is all about love.   This cute little mini is all about pockets and hidden treasures. Each page is actually a pocket that hides a tag inside. A tag for secret loving messages or any other message you want to write.   For more amazing projects, just click on the DCC button on the right hand side of my blog.   Have fun creating! Einat

Back to school

My kids go back to school in a few days! I always like to make them a card with a few motivating words to start the new school year. They really like it and they keep all the cards in their rooms. This year I made a mini album card, it’s a folding card that is like a small mini album. I used Kaiser Craft paper and embellished it with Echo Park stickers. They were not “school” stickers with the traditional apple or pencil because my boys are too big for that…or at least that’s what they say! So I used things that are related to school like a ruler, globe, clock, numbers and days of the week. These cards will be waiting next to their beds when they wake up on the first day of school. Have a good year guys!! Have fun creating! Einat

One Sheet of Paper Tutorial: Mini Album

You know I love creating project from only one sheet of paper! Here is another fun and easy tutorial for The Robin’s Nest DT. This is a great way to create a project without using too many materials or money. All you need is: one sheet of cardstock, two ribbons and a few embellishments! You can visit The Robin’s Nest blog and website 1.       Fold a double sided cardstock in four. Open all folds. 2.       Start working on the upper right square. Cut the cardstock on the vertical fold line from the edge to the center. Widen the cut a little bit. 3.       Cut the cardstock on the horizontal fold line half way from the center towards the right. 4.       Fold the upper right square in half to the right. 5.       Cut the cardstock on the new fold line from the center half way to the top. 6.       Fold upward. 7.       Fold again to the right. 8.       Fold downward on …

Single Sheet of Paper Tutorial: Gift box

Just in time for your new year’s gifts, an easy, fun and inexpensive gift box you can make yourselves from only one sheet of cardstock! Here is a sketch with all the measurements: 1.       Cut a square 10 5/8″ by 7″ from one sheet of cardstock. 2.       Mark a divide line 5″ from the top. This line divides the square to two squares A and B. 3.       Cut 1/2″ from both sides of square A. This would make it smaller than square B. 4.       Make four fold lines 1″ from all three edges of square A and the divide line. 5.       Cut slits where lines marked red on the sketch. 6.       Make four fold lines on square B: three lines 1 1/2″ from the edges and 1″ from the divide line 7.       Cut slits where lines marked red on the sketch. 8.       Fold all lines. 9.       Fold slits inside and adhere to the walls to create a box from square …

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