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Twine Binding Envelope Mini Album

I always try to think about new and easy ways to make mini albums. The faster I can make them the better. One of the things that takes a long time to make is the cover and binding mechanism. Personally I’m not a big fan of rings and/or bind-it-all although i use them often. I want to have a fast binding mechanism (like rings or Bind-it-all) but professional looking like a full cover binding. So I came up with a solution…Twine!

It’s not entirely my idea, I saw the use of twine for binding on the internet but I took it a step further and upgraded it a little. All you need to do is create a cover from three pieces of chipboard and attach the twine to it by wrapping the twine on a strip of chipboard.

Check out the video tutorial for step by step instructions, measurements and tips for creating your mini album! 

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Have fun creating!

One comment on “Twine Binding Envelope Mini Album

  • Johanne Lacombe says:

    It’s a very nice album. I love that you opened your envelopes with punches. Thanks for sharing,


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