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I was so honored to share my story in Kathy and Barb’s blog: Craft for Health. Their motto is: “crafting is the secret weapon in helping people“, it is so true! I never thought what a great role scrapbooking and crafting played in my life, other than a job. It was only when Kathy asked me to write about it, I realized the healing power it had in my life and how much it helped me. I know now that everything happens for a reason and this is the path I was supposed to walk in. share my story in Craft for health

Mom, I'm bored…

In this age of television and computers we often hear the words: “mom, I’m bored”. But sometimes, as I found out, they can surprise you. These photos were taken on a trip to the beach with my son’s kindergarten a few years back. We were all sitting waiting for our guide to arrive and all the kids were complaining that there was nothing to do. My son found a solution…he started collecting snails. It was the season when all the shells were left behind and he collected them like it was the biggest treasure he ever saw. He kept himself occupied for a long time collecting and playing with the snails. A scene worthy of a photo, don’t you think? The layout is one of the projects I created using the October Kit of the Month club by My Punch.

R we moving?

That was the question my son asked me when he saw all the boxes everywhere. A few years back, we lived in Kenya for a few years and when it was time to leave we packed the house in soooo many boxes I was afraid they would not fit in the container. As it turned out every box found its place in the container and luckily they even managed to close the doors. For this layout I created a special paper with my son’s drawings. He drew a house and a tree and I thought it would make the most adorable pattern for a paper on moving. I created the boxes from corrugated cardboard I cut from real boxes and I embellished the page with two types of masking tape.

Ins(paper)ation: A great solution

I love mini albums. The only problem is where to put them when they are finished. It turns out I’m not the only one with this problem and many of us scrappers and designers don’t have anywhere to put those beautiful mini albums. I decided to create a solution which will look good as well as be functional. I created an open box to house all my mini albums. This way they will all be in one place, displayed on the table in a beautiful box and accessible whenever I need them. The inspiration for this box was a new pair of shoes I bought for my son. These are his first shoes with laces and while I showed him how to tie them the idea just came to my head. Inspiration truly comes from the strangest places!


  Inside: how to make easy inchies and twinchies with your kids using leftover craft supplies   Some of my friends call me the queen of leftovers because I always try maximizing my materials and using them in a smart way. I keep all my paper scraps, leftover stickers or rub-ons and I never throw any ribbon no matter how short it is. I try to use all my materials to their last inch, and that is exactly what I did this time…INCHIES! This was a fun project! I took some leftover papers, ribbons and other embellishments and made a few magnet inchies and twinchies to put on my fridge.       WHY MAKE INCHIES AND TWINCHIES   It’s a great way to use your stash and leftover craft supplies This is a fast project you can make in less than an hour Inchies and Twinchies are a great project to do with kids It’s an easy project that …

Finished on the 15th – FaveCrafts Blog Hop and Tutorial

I’m so happy to be part of the first FaveCrafts Blog Hop. This is going to be a monthly feature on the FaveCrafts blog and this is the first one ever! The theme this month was “Finished on the 15th”. I have managed to finish a lot of projects this month and I want to share one of them with you. This is a bag I designed for a workshop I am teaching called: “bags”. Here is the link to the Blog Hop: come and join the fun!

Welcome baby girl

As you know I have two boys. When I scrapbook or design a project I usually use their photos. This time I had so much fun making a project for a baby girl. This is a present I made for my best friend’s daughter soon after she was born. This is a double accordion mini album in a box. My friend doesn’t like a lot of embellishments, so the design is simple and clean. When you open the box the accordions open to opposite sides. It was really great doing this project because I had a chance to use some girly materials and colors. Einat

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