Sleep switch

When you have small children you discover they fall asleep in the strangest places. It is as if they have a switch that turns them off and they simply fall asleep where ever they happen to be at that moment. This layout tells such a story. This is a photo of my son a few years ago. He was so tired he didn’t even go to bed or lie down on the couch; he just put down his head and went to sleep. He still holds his toy car in his hand, half standing… This is a DT layout for My Punch’s October kit. The journaling is: “You were so tired that you fell asleep while playing. You didn’t even lie down; you just leaned on the couch and went to sleep. Adorable don’t you think? Einat

So many buttons so little space

I have too many buttons! I ran out of room for them and I had to find a solution…fast.I knew I wanted to organize my buttons by color in small containers, but I wanted all the containers to be in one place and be close to me, so I can reach for them whenever I need a button or two. I also wanted to use an empty space on the wall above my desk. I finally came up with the idea to create a magnetic surface and attach containers to it, and hang it on the wall. I couldn’t find cheap metal containers so I went for the plastic ones. I found cute containers that were originally made for cupcakes or jelly. They were small enough on one hand so they were not too heavy, and big enough on the other, so there was enough room for all the buttons. The next step was to attach a big industrial magnet …

Logic will take you from A to B. imagination will take you everywhere.

These photos were taken in the MADA-TECH (Mada – means science in Hebrew), one of the two Israeli museums of science. It might not seem a lot, but in a country smaller than Lake Michigan it’s not bad. My father, a science fan himself, decided to take the kids to a fun day at the museum. They had the time of their life, going from one room to the next. Each room had a different subject and it is all children’s friendly so they are meant to test, pull, push, build and touch everything. And they did! I could see them getting curious and absorbing all the information. It was defiantly a fun day! This was a layout I did for My Punch’s Kit of the Month Club so I had to create a “scientific” page with what I had. I used cog wheel masks in the background and added words like experiment learn and discover. I especially like the …

First day of school

I know it’s not the beginning of the year, but I love this layout I did when my oldest son started school (about 5 years ago) and I didn’t have a chance to post it on my blog until now.. This day was very special, it wasn’t just a first day of school; it was the first day of the first year in school with a new classroom, a new teacher and new friends. He was very excited and so was I; he didn’t cooperate with the camera so I only managed a few photos. For this layout I decided to use a book, as if this is part of a story. I cut the photos to fit the pages in the book and arranged the letters as if they were falling of the book. It is so amazing to watch how he has grown and learned new things. I am a very proud mother!

Vintage Mini Album

I made this Mini Album for a workshop I taught in “My Punch”. I wanted to teach a specific design style and since vintage is one of my favorites I decided to make a mini album full of fun embellishments and techniques. The mini album is made from 1 craft cardstock, 5 patterned papers and a few embellishments. I made most of the embellishments myself, as well as the cover, which was made from pieces of cardboard I took from a shoe box. The theme of the mini album is “Time goes by”. I used old photos of my mother and grandmother, as well as a few photos of me and my sister as little girls. For the final touch, I added a few sentiments and quotes about time and its meaning in our lives. Here are a few close-ups of the embellishments. Soon I’ll post a few tutorials! stay tuned!

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