Top 10 – Readers' choice!

Wow! Thank you all for entering the Top 10 Contest and picking your favorite projects. I had a lot of fun checking out your choices and I really love the final list. So, let’s get down to business! Here are the TOP 10 PROJECTS that you picked: 10. How to use your scraps: a free spirit LO with a fun technique on how to use your scraps in any project! Read more… 9. 101 Flowers – Scraps Flower: an easy tutorial from the 101 flowers series on how to create a flower from scraps. Read more… 8. 101 Flowers – Spiral flower: just take a round piece of paper and create a beautiful flower. Read more… 7. Growing up mini album: a tutorial from the great series of a single sheet of paper projects. Read more… 6. Baby shower box: an easy cute box made from only two squares of paper. Read more… 5. Round and round we go: a …

Happy New Year!

Today Jews around the world celebrate the beginning of the New Jewish year: Rosh Ha-Shana, which literally means “the head of the year”. This year we celebrate the beginning of the year 5772 (long time…). It is customary to eat an apple dipped in honey, a symbol of our wish for a sweet happy year. Another custom is to greet each other: Shana Tova which means Good year. My happy New Year card has yummy apples and honey bees flying around their hive. I want to thank all of you for a wonderful, exciting year. You all gave me support, encouragement and love. May you all have a happy new year! Health, happiness, love and successes! See you next year! Einat

Photography tips – Back side

Photographs are magical because we capture moments in time. Moments that will never happen again in the same way. The best way to capture such a moment is to take the picture when your subject is unaware you’re taking it. To achieve that you either have to be invisible or, if you can’t manage that, take the picture from behind! Some of my best photographs are those of my kids when I photographed them from behind where they couldn’t see me. To take photos from behind here are a few tips: 1. Wait until you see your subject do something interesting, go behind them and take a picture with their back to you. 2. Back side photos work best when kids watch TV, play on their computer, run ahead of you or look at something. In all these situations they probably won’t pay attention to you and you can sneak behind them. 3. Photos taken from behind are especially interesting …

Technique corner: Create your embellishment – Button tree

I usually have only an idea when I sit down to create a LO. I start working and then the ideas start to flow. But sometimes I have an idea but not the specific thing I want to use. This time I wanted a tree beside the path I created, but since this LO was for the Kit of the Month by My Punch I had to use the materials in the kit and there was no tree. So, I decided to create my own. Here’s how you can create your own tree: 1. Cut the shape of the tree from a cardstock. 2. Color it with ink, acrylic paint or any other medium you like. 3. Add different size and color buttons as leaves. Creating your own embellishments gives you a chance for creativity and allows you to use an embellishment that is suited exactly to your project! Einat

Scrap fun with Ingvild Bolme – Part 2

I told you how much fun we had with Ingvild on Friday and now it’s time to show you what we did. This is a great beautiful layout full of Prima flowers and goodies. Ingvild’s layout looked a little different but part of every workshop is to add your own personal touch and interpretation. Don’t you just love these prima flowers? This not the only project we did, but since I want to give the other project as a gift I don’t want to show it before I give it to that special someone. I promise to share it with you right after! Einat

101 Flowers Tutorial #7: ribbon flower

I love ribbons, you love ribbons, everybody loves ribbons! Why? Because they are so versatile, pretty and fun. One of my favorite things to create from ribbon is flowers. From each ribbon you can create two sizes of flowers: big and small, all you need is a needle and thread:1. Thread the ribbon on the bottom. 2. Pull the thread to crease the ribbon. 3. Join the two edges with the thread. 4. To create a smaller flower fold the ribbon in half length wise and repeat the first stages. 5. To finish your flowers add a brad or a button in the center.6. You can create layered ribbon flowers too! Have fun creating flowers for your projects! Einat

Designer Crafts Connection: Baby Shower Box

It’s the first Monday of the month…time for another fun inspiring Designer Crafts Connection blog hop! This month we have a mixed theme: baby/celebration. I decided to create a combined project: a cute baby shower favor box. It’s really easy to make and you can fill it with anything you want! Here is how you can do it: start with the upper left picture and just follow the process step by step! We have a great give away for you this month! If you want to win a DVD set of the new TV show, Scrapbook Soup, Series 100 keep on hopping and look for the Scrapbook Soup logo which appears in eight blogs in the where you found them in the comment section of Julie McGuffee’s blog. You can enter until the 15th. To keep hopping just go to the Designer Crafts Connection button on the right side of my blog.Have fun!Einat

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