2012 TOP 10!!

I can’t believe another year is over. This has been an amazing year with so much love from all my friends around the world. I want to thank you for all the support you have given me and the strength I got from you during the good times and the not so good times. Like I do every year, this post is all about my favorite projects from 2012! 10. One sheet of paper Back to school mini album. A simple, easy mini album created from only one paper. You can find more photos in the post. 9. 3 in 1 card. A folded card that can also be a mini album. Here are some more photos.   8. Precious layout. A mixed media layout with a minimalistic look but full of techniques. For more photos and a tutorial.   7. Ocean layout. Magic and sunshine in a layout full of cuteness.   6. Drawer chest. Recycled cd’s and paper hand made drawers form a mini drawer …

Inspiration Card: May you have hope and know love

A new project for Susan K. Weckesser DT, a snowy house card that has a little surprise in it. The inspiration for this card is the winter all around us with the cold and the snow, but I wish you all that the feeling in your hearts will be happy and warm like the flowers in the spring! Here’s the card when it’s closed. And here’s the surprise…pop up words! I just love pop ups, it’s a great way to upgrade your cards and projects. This is an easy pop up technique: Cut out the element you want to pop and adhere it to the left side of your card with a small folded strip of paper to give it height. then adhere another strip in a shape of an inverted “C” to the bottom of the element. This way when you open your card the strips will raise it up! Here is the inside of the card: I used …

Technique Corner – Flags or Banners, Why not Flanners?

The hottest trend lately are flags and banners embellishments on a layout. I tried to understand if there is a difference between them but I really couldn’t find one. As I understand it a banner is a few flags hanging together (at least in scrapbooking), so the way I see it if a flag and a banner are basically one in the same why not rename them…flanners? Here’s a layout celebrating flanners! I used different materials, shapes, colors and sizes to create the flanners on the layout. The more there are the better it looks!   What I love about flanners is that they are the perfect embellishment. It works for every theme or color, you can use it for masculine or feminine layouts, for baby or teenagers. All you need to do is change the color and/or shape of the flanner and you’re done!   Have fun creating! Einat

Technique corrner – round layout

Don’t you just love those round papers? I just love them! They are always so fun to work on because of the unusual shape that inspires me to try different things. I’ve discovered that my favorite thing to do is design a layout that has elements sticking outside of the page. Because the paper is round, all the corners are basically open space and can be used for elements that are beyond the paper’s edges. I put one of my photos beyond the edge as well as some embellishments! The only thing to remember when you are planing to add parts that suppose to stick out is to secure the side that is on the paper with enough adhesive so it will hold the side that is not attached to anything.   Have fun creating. Einat

Photography Tips – Getting Silly with it

We always take nice proper photos with a nice background or a captivating close up. We make sure they are interesting, beautiful and of course scrapbooking suitable! How about taking some funny photos? I have to say it was not my idea, it was my kids’. They took the camera and started having fun by putting a plastic bag over my head and taking pictures. It was really funny and I played along! I also created a whimsical, fun and colorful layout   If scrapbooking is all about telling stories about our daily lives what better way to capture all those family precious moments with funny, goofy and silly photos. They can show that hidden wild side in dad, all the funny things your son likes to do or even or even bring out the inner child in grandma. So try to have fun with your photos and get silly with it! Have fun creating!Einat

8 Days of Light

Hanukkah is one of my favorite holidays! It’s a special holiday that celebrates remarkable miracle of light! Here’s the story of Hanukkah: In 175 BCE, Antiochus IV Epiphanes, invaded Judea.  The Second Templein Jerusalem was looted and services stopped, Judaismwas outlawed. In 167 BCE Antiochus ordered an altar to Zeus erected in the Temple. He banned circumcision and ordered pigs to be sacrificed at the altar of the temple. Antiochus’s actions provoked a large-scale revolt. By 165 BCE the Jewish revolt was successful. The Temple was liberated and rededicated, it was cleansed, a new altar was built in place of the polluted one and new holy vessels were made. According to the Talmud, olive oil was needed for the menorah in the Temple, which was required to burn throughout the night every night. The story goes that there was only enough oil to burn for one day, yet it burned for eight days, the time needed to prepare a fresh supply of oil …

Hanukkah Cards

Hanukkah is just around the corner, but there’s still time to create some last minute cards! These are really clean and simple cards without a busy design or too many embellishments. Hanukkah is all about light and the best color for light is yellow. Both cards have yellow colors and shiny sparkling motifs. The first card has a simple light background with a gold rub-on. I added a punched border with a white flowery ribbon. Since Hanukkah is all about light I used a soft yellow ribbon for the bow and a gold sparkly embossed star as a shiny embellishment. The second card is shinier and has a yellow background with a flame like stickles dots swirl and ribbon’s border. I created two candles by rolling two pieces of paper to a pipe shape and added a little glittered flames on top. I adhered the H on a glittered yellow star to emphasize the title. For a finished touch I …

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