Inside: how to make a mixed media canvas with found objects that create amazing texture   I thought a lot about what to give my sister for her birthday. Ironically, in the past I used to buy her gifts, never thinking of making her one myself. This year I decided to change the tradition and create her gift myself! I wanted it to be really special and beautiful so I created a collage mixed media canvas with a photo of us when we were kids. This is her favorite photo of us so I was sure she will like it.     MIXED MEDIA COLLAGE CANVAS MATERIALS   A lot of people ask me where I get the materials to make such type of canvases and how they can get them too. The main principle you need to know is that every object you use on this canvas should have texture. It means that flat objects are less recommended …


  Inside: how to make a steampunk shadow box with a romantic style to it   I think shadow boxes are just magical. They combine two things I love, the first is boxes. I love them, I collect them, I buy them even if I don’t need them. You can put all your treasures, memories and secrets in a box. The second thing is touching. One of the reasons I love traditional scrapbooking and not digital is you can feel the page. You can touch it, go over all the elements with your hand and bond with them. Bond with the story. Shadow boxes are the same because you can touch everything in the box and feel the story.     WHAT MAKES A STEAMPUNK SHADOW BOX UNIQUE   There are many styles of shadow box you can make like you would scrapbook pages, cards or mixed meia canvases. A steampunk shadow box has an industrial mechanical look that is …

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