Mixed Media Double Canvas Set

I decided to change my wall art a little, so I created a canvases set. A set is basically one piece of art that spreads on more than one canvas. In my case two 6″ X 6″ canvases. When you create a set you work on the canvases as if they were one. So the theme, color scheme and embellishments will be the same across the board. The divided yet cohesive look to a canvas set gives it a unique look and draws the eyes to move from one section to the other and by doing so capturing the entire piece. I started the set with adding modeling paste texture to the background and pieces of tissue paper for layering effect. Then I added distress stains in different colors and blended them together. My focal point is a leaf ribbon that spreads from top to bottom and is embellished with flowers that were colored with the same distress stains. I …

Mixed Media Art Journal Page: AIM

We all have our own aims or goals in life, the trick is not only to set aims for ourselves but to stay focused and determined enough to keep walking on the road to fulfill them. But sometimes it feels like that famous sentence: “Man makes plans and God laughs”. We set goals that we want to achieve but life takes us to completely different directions or is it? Do we set the right goals for ourselves or there is a hidden hand that points the direction we should go to? I think we want things and we set aims to achieve it but at the end of the day if we do what we love, believe in it and in us the universe will take care of the rest. This week’s video tutorial us all about the aims of our lives. I created a motivational mixed media art journal page with a quote that talks exactly about this. My art journal …

Ice Resin Pendants

I’m not a jewelry maker but every now and then I like to play with a little bit of jewelry making. It’s actually kind of easy if you try it. My favorite material to play with is Ice Resin, which is  a 2-part epoxy resin. Part A is the Resin. It has a slightly blue tint and Part B is the hardener. It has a very slight yellow tint. It comes in a plunger that dispenses equal parts of both parts and is really to use. It’s really fun to play with and the only problem, at least for someone like me who likes immediate satisfaction, is that you have to wait a few hours before it’s dry. I made three pendants and tried a few things and techniques. First I tried different mediums to color the resin. Both Perfect Pearls powder and acrylic paint worked very well and blended completely with the resin. You can create different degrees of transparency …

One Sheet of Paper: quick projects when time is short

Sometimes time is short and you need a quick project to make as gift, or you want to have fun with some crafty friends and you want to create something easy and fast. And every now and then you simply want to make something cheap but beautiful. Well…I have an idea, use only one sheet of paper to create a variety of pretty and fast projects! Folded Mini Album Create a beautiful mini album by folding a 12X12 cardstock in different directions. Add a few embellishments and photos. Find the full tutorial here. One Paper – Three Cards We all love celebrations, events and birthdays and us crafters always enjoy giving a special card for the event. But can we make cards and save our supplies at the same time? Yes we can…just use one sheet of paper to create three different cards. By cutting a 12X12 double sided cardstock wisely you can increase your paper “real estate” and diversity. Follow the …

Mixed Media Art Journal Page: Flowers

Creating an art journal page always makes me happy. It inspires me not only when I create it but also afterwards, when I look at the page I created. That’s why I always try to add a quote or a sentence that speaks to me, a sentence that inspires me and lifts me up. This time I added a paraphrase of a quote made by the famous author Hans Christian Andersen who said that Just living is not enough one must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower. Well… I changed it a little. After all this is my art journal right? I created the back ground with stencils and a really fun technique called reverse stenciling. I added gesso, Gelatos and stamping. The more layers of color you add to your page the better it will look that’s what I always say. I added big circles with acrylic paint and sponge and smaller circles I created with Gelatos and a …

Summer Vacation Mini Album – 10 things that will ensure you create it!

Every summer we go on our family vacation. We plan it, book hotels, cars, buy plain tickets and do all the other arrangements needed. Every year we take the most wonderful photos capturing all those amazing places and experiences, all the fun we had, and we tell ourselves (at least I do) that we’ll create the best mini album with all these photos and…we don’t. So, I decided this year I will help myself achieve the task of creating a summer vacation mini album so help me God! I came up with 10 things that will help me and ensure I will do it this time: Before you go 1. Take a journalIn the journal you will be able to write about all the places you visit, the experiences you have, the people you meet and even the little jokes and family special sayings. Here’s a journal I created while on one of my trips to the US. 2. Post on social mediaTell your friends …

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