It's a Wrap 2015: A year in Review

WOW! what a year this has been. A roller coaster would be an understatement! So much has happened and so many new doors and paths were opened that my heads spins just thinking about it…Here’s a recap of what happened… My favorite projectDefinitely the Halloween Altered Spell Book. This two part project was so fun to make not only because I got to create in a vintage style I like but I also got to share with you a freebie and the responses were amazing! If you missed it here’s Part 1 and Part 2 Highlight of the yearOpening my new website was the highlight of my year. Finally there was one place for everything that is Einat Kessler. It took a long time until it was ready because I kept changing my mind about its design 🙂 This website is the home for all my classes, printables, articles & tips and links to all my social media and …

Things you didn’t know about me…

The end of the year is always a good time to reflect upon what you’ve accomplished, what your plans are and what you want to improve. This thinking process gave me a revelation that there are a lot of things about me you don’t know and that it’ll be fun to share… 1. I don’t have any formal art or design education. I studied Social Sciences in university when I was 20 years old. Everything I know about arts and crafts I learned myself through trial and error, classes and good friends’ advice. 2. I was an officer in the army. In Israel military service is mandatory, and for me it wasn’t enough taking orders, I wanted to give them too…I served for almost three years.     3. I lived in Kenya for three years. This amazing country and amazing people still affect my life. I have art pieces in my house that remind me daily of that wonderful …

Altered Tin Box Zettiology Style

A really fun project for you this week! An altered box, but not the common way you know of altering the outside with paint and embellishments. This alteration is only on the inside and in a very unique style of art called Zettiology, which was created by the artist Teesha Moore. Zettiology is basically a style of art that mixes the real world with the fantasy world. It’s all about creating fantastical images of creatures that have a human body with an animal head or vice versa. They all have large eyes, unlogical body features and parts that don’t go together in the real world. And they all “live” in a fantasy, colorful world, a world that gives you a feeling that you are not on earth anymore. Achieving this look is easy. All you need to do is mix and match different images, body parts and species. I took a girl’s body and gave her an owl face and …


  Inside: 10 best tips for using a hot glue gun in your crafts   I’m the type of person that ALWAYS manages to get burned, cut or hurt. Yes, I’m a little clumsy… BUT I still use a hot glue gun and I recommend it even though I stopped counting my burns 🙂     WHY USE A HOT GLUE GUN   It can attach almost anything to almost anything else. Wood to metal to paper to cork. Hot glue is also better because it causes less damage than your average adhesive. Easy to operate. Not expensive and totally affordable.   WHY NOT USE A HOT GLUE GUN   High risk of getting burned. Requires electricity and a socket. Less portable so harder to take with you. Even the mini hot glue guns take more space than the avarage glue bottle.   TIPS FOR USING THIS TYPE OF GLUE   1. There are basically three types of hot glue …

Ikea Frame Perpetual Calendar

2016 is almost here…I can’t believe how fast time flies. You’re probably thinking about planners and calendars but I have a great idea for you. I’m really bad with dates. If I don’t write down birthdays, anniversaries etc. there is no way I’ll remember them and there is nothing worse then forgetting an important birthday. So I have them written down on my phone, but I’ve come to realize that is not always the most dependable thing. Phones can lose data or die on you and then what’ll you do…So I came up with a way to remember…a perpetual calendar! The idea behind a perpetual calendar is that you only have months. It is not relevant for one year but for life. You simply write the dates you need to remember on the relevant month, for example my mom’s birthday is August 15th, so I’ll write it on the August page. The dates don’t change so you’ll have them written …


  Inside: how to make a Christmas card in 5 minutes   Every year I want to start early and make Christmas cards for every one. And every year I end up waiting for the last minute. So I came up with a way to make a Christmas card in 5 minutes so I’ll be able to make many cards in no time!     HOW TO MAKE A CHRISTMAS CARD IN 5 MINUTES   This card is so easy to make you’ll not believe it! And the best thing about it is that it’s great for Hanukkah and Christmas. You can change the pattern of the paper, the colors and the sentiment and you have a great card for both holidays!   Follow the steps in the video to see how to make an equal sides triangle which is the first step to make this card. The triangle sides will all measure 12″. But can change the size of …

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