Valentine’s Day One Sheet Coupons Mini Album

Here’s a fast and easy project to create as a gift for Valentine’s Day! A One sheet coupons mini album. You can create a few of those and write different treats or gifts on the coupons according to who will get them.For a spouse or a boyfriend you can give a massage, a fancy dinner or even the s word. For a friend it can be a manicure, a movie or anything that you like to do together. The choices are endless! Just customize your coupons mini album with your choice of papers, colors and embellishments.You can even create a large mini album by attaching a few small mini albums together. Attach two ends of the mini album back to back with a little double sided adhesive. You will have more room for extra coupons…Isn’t that a really cool project? You have a gift, which are the coupons and what is written on them of course, and a pretty way …

Valentine’s Day Free Printable Cards

“Love is in the air everywhere I look around” February is here and the air is filling up with love, or at least it should be. I think it is a beautiful reason to celebrate and spread it around. Love has always made people crazy, in good or bad ways and it’s the only thing that can do that. It’s elusive, mysterious and it seems like we never really fully understand it but I think we can all agree it’s the best thing in the world! So celebrate your love, whatever it may be with this little gift from me. I created 4 love cards for you to print at home and use in your crafts, decorations or cards. You can turn them into coupons by writing on the back, or turn them into a little LOVE mini album by binding them together. Print them as many times as you want and make a little memory game or put them in …

Creating a Canvas with a Printed Image

This post was sponsored by GraphicStock. All opinions are mine alone. Sometimes you need an image or an illustration for a craft project. There are a lot of free stock photos sites out there but their variety is limited. I tried and found exactly what I need. Now you might think I’m saying that because I have to but I really think they have a good thing going. First I like their search options. you can type in any word in the search box and get lots of results. Then you can narrow the search by choosing the relevant category for you. I searched the word vintage and then chose the background category. I found a really pretty background and downloaded it to my computer. From there printing it was easy.   I used the printed background to cover a 5×7 canvas and write on it. But you can find lots of images and illustrations there too. The good …

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