Scrapbooking: Back to Basics – Using a Sketch

As part of rediscovering scrapbooking I’m starting a new series Scrapbooking: Back to Basics – Using a sketch is the subject of the day. Remember the days when sketches were so popular? There were so many online websites with sketches to inspire us to create layouts. Unfortunately so many have closed since then and the scrapbooking industry has shrunk. Even though the situation has changed the basic idea is still useful and inspiring and whenever you get stuck a sketch is a really good way to find your way and come up with a great design.  Scrapbooking: Back to Basics Using a SketchSo let’s revive this great idea and remind ourselves how to use a sketch to create a layout. A sketch is basically an idea how to arrange the different elements on your page. The fun part is that you can play around with these elements and change the order a little or follow the sketch exactly. It’s up to …

Recycled Vintage Mini Album

I love making albums from unconventional materials so I created this recycled vintage mini album from corrugated cardboard that I cut from an old unwanted box. The corrugated texture is so easy and fun to work on and it gives a special texture when you tare off the upper covering paper and reveal the corrugated cardboard. The color of the cardboard and the teared look gave me the inspiration for this vintage look.all the recycled vintage mini album pages have matching papers in brown, red and rustic green colors. I also matched all the embellishments in color and style and if I didn’t have the right embellishments I created it myself. You can see how I created all the embellishments here. I also used vintage photos of me and my family to compliment the vintage look. Recycled Vintage Mini AlbumI called this mini album Time Goes By. naming a mini album and creating the front cover is something I usually do last. …

Frugal Crafting: DIY Embellishments

Everyone of us can practice frugal crafting: DIY embellishments for every project. It’s all a matter of using what we have in our stash and not buy embellishments or use ready made embellishments as a default. Every time you need to embellish a project like a scrapbook layout, a canvas, an altered item or a card and you automatically reach for your embellishments’ drawer or box stop! Stop and think “what can I use instead? can I create my own embellishment?” Yes you can! you can make your own unique items or personalized embellishments you already have. Frugal crafting: DIY Embellishments for Every projectSome of these ideas may be old and familiar but even though they are so well known we tend to forget them. It’s definitely easier to save time and reach out for something we bought at the store but if we want to save money and use our stash let’s embrace the practice of frugal crafting: DIY embellishments …

Life as an Artist Behind the Scenes secrets

Many of you tell you wish you were like me, doing what I love without compromise. But life as an artist is not just the fun and excitement you see it’s also a lot of crap that nobody knows about. Today I’m sharing my life as an artist behind the scenes secrets. Those things nobody tells you and the things you never know. The things that don’t work out, the things that hurt or get cancelled and the things that never see the light of day. Last year I shared some of these secrets with you in the first life as an artist post and I have a few more to share. Life as an artist behind the scenes secretsDT insultRemember summer 2014? maybe it wasn’t a special summer for you, but it was a very difficult time for me. That was the summer we were at war and missiles were falling near my house. That was the summer we had …

Why I only buy craft supplies once a year

Craft supplies are definitely not cheep but it’s not the only reason why I only buy craft supplies once a year. You probably think it’s impossible. Hoe can I only but craft supplies once a year, don’t i run out of stuff like glue or paper? Well…no, and today I want to share why. Some of the reasons are predictable but some will surprise you and maybe make you think a little about your craft stash.Why I only buy craft supplies once a yearHow often do you visit stores like Michael’s or Joann’s or any other big craft chain store? Even if you don’t visit them often, when you do get there it’s really hard to resist the beautiful isles loaded with all that crafty goodness. Guess what? I don’t visit these stores at all! Why? Because i live in Israel and we don’t have these stores here. It can be a challenge to get the exact supplies sometimes but …

5 Terrific Reasons to Start Scrapbooking Again

I’m sharing my 5 terrific reasons to start scrapbooking again and I really hope you’ll be convinced. I feel lately I’ve stopped scrapbooking, I haven’t created a scrapbooking layout in a long time and I’ve come to realize I miss it. I’m not even sure why and how it happened, but it did and I’m not happy. I used to create so many pages not only for design teams but for myself, my family for keeping memories. I think at some point I started creating pages that were too complicated, too busy and too time consuming so it wasn’t fun anymore. I lost sight of the real purpose for scrapbooking which is telling a story, keeping a memory alive for future generations. So… I decided to go back to scrapbooking. I want to tell stories again, I find myself forgetting details, feelings, jokes from places we’ve been and trips we’ve taken. My biggest regret is that I didn’t even start to …

Simple Star Mini Album

This simple Star mini album is one of the easiest mini album to make but the effect is definitely a wow effect. The fun thing about it is that you can do it with your kids or grandkids and watch their eyes open with wonder. All you need for this project are 3-4 A4 (8 1/2″ X 11″) papers. They don’t even have to be double sided. It’s actually a great project to use some of your unwanted papers. I took a few 12×12 papers I didn’t need and cut them to size.  I was going over my archives, doing a little spring cleaning and came across this project from a long time ago. I remember the nice lady who showed me how to create this simple star mini album. I lost touch with her and can’t remember her name. As you know I don’t like to keep things to myself so I decided to share it with you.    …

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