Scrapbooking: Back to Basics – Using a Sketch

As part of rediscovering scrapbooking I’m starting a new series Scrapbooking: Back to Basics – Using a sketch is the subject of the day. Remember the days when sketches were so popular? There were so many online websites with sketches to inspire us to create layouts. Unfortunately so many have closed since then and the scrapbooking industry has shrunk. Even though the situation has changed the basic idea is still useful and inspiring and whenever you get stuck a sketch is a really good way to find your way and come up with a great design.  Scrapbooking: Back to Basics Using a SketchSo let’s revive this great idea and remind ourselves how to use a sketch to create a layout. A sketch is basically an idea how to arrange the different elements on your page. The fun part is that you can play around with these elements and change the order a little or follow the sketch exactly. It’s up to …


  Inside: how to make frugal DIY paper embellishments for the most amazing craft projects   How many times you were making a scrapbook page or a card and needed an embellishment but couldn’t find anything that fits? Instead of buying every embellishment in the craft store make your own!       WHAT IS FRUGAL CRAFTING   Frugal crafting is a way of crafting that emphasize using the craft supplies you have to make all your project and instead of buying supplies – making them from what you have! Here are a few tips how you can use the supplies you already have in your craft projects: Use household items as the base for your project. For example, use milk or juice cartons to make a project like a photo display, recipe box and more. Check out some ideas here. Add items from other parts of life as embellishments to your project. For example: use metal washers, screws and …

Simple Star Mini Album

This simple Star mini album is one of the easiest mini album to make but the effect is definitely a wow effect. The fun thing about it is that you can do it with your kids or grandkids and watch their eyes open with wonder. All you need for this project are 3-4 A4 (8 1/2″ X 11″) papers. They don’t even have to be double sided. It’s actually a great project to use some of your unwanted papers. I took a few 12×12 papers I didn’t need and cut them to size.  I was going over my archives, doing a little spring cleaning and came across this project from a long time ago. I remember the nice lady who showed me how to create this simple star mini album. I lost touch with her and can’t remember her name. As you know I don’t like to keep things to myself so I decided to share it with you.    …

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