5-Minute Craft: Pretty Envelope

Today on 5-Minute Craft: Pretty Envelope! This cute little envelope  can be created for almost anything you want, such as a cd, a card or even money. It’s pretty to be a gift wrap for any gift to someone special. It’s so easy to create you’ll not believe it! It takes even less than 5 minutes.  5-Minute Craft: Pretty EnvelopeAll you need are four circles to create your envelope. The great thing is that you decide what size those circles will be. The larger the circles the larger the envelope and you’ll be able to fit larger things in it. The best thing is to cut the circles from a double sided cardstock so the inside will look as good as the outside. Use whatever circle cutting tool you have or draw a circle with a pencil and cut with your scissors. Once you cut the first circle you can use it as a template for the other three circles you …

The Basics of Gelli Printing

I’m so excited to share with you The Basics of Gelli Printing! This is such a fun way of creating backgrounds, art journal pages and other mixed media projects that once you start it’s kind of hard to stop. In this video I will cover the basic techniques for gelli printing by using acrylic paints, stencils and found objects. The basics of gelli printing Gelli printing sometimes has an unpredictable aspect. When you apply the paint on the gelli plate you never really know how it will look on paper. First of all it’s reverse and second you build layers that you don’t know how will look together once you are finished. Some people are uncomfortable with this lack of control and never tried gelli printing because of that. But I love it! I think that this is part of what art is about, use your imagination and accept whatever comes out. The basics of gelli printing step by step …

You Can Craft for Free!

What if I told you that you can create amazing projects without buying any new craft supplies. You Can Craft for Free!, yes completely free. You probably say to yourself it’s impossible! Everybody knows that crafting is an expensive hobby and all those fancy projects on Pinterest and YouTube require the newest supplies. WRONG! You can create these projects without any additional expense on your part. The answer lies in your stash, yes your stash!  You Can Craft for Free!Many of us have what I call a crafter’s cycle. We see a project we want to make online. Next thing we find ourselves on the way to the craft store. There we don’t only buy what we need but what is pretty, on sale, bling etc. We get tempted by the amazing supplies and we always buy more than we need. When we get home three things can happen: 1. We create the project. 2. We start the project and never …

What is Gelli Printing?

If you never heard of gelli printing or you don’t what it is then the What is gelli printing? post is the right place for you to be. There is a lot of talk about gelli printing lately and you see almost everywhere online. There is a good reason for that..it’s incredibly fun, it’s artistic, it’s easy and the results you get are nothing short of amazing! I know I use the word amazing a lot and I get excited easily about artsy thing but this is something that I recommend for everyone even kids because it’s truly awesome!  What is gelli printing?All you need to start gelli printing is a gelli plate and some acrylic plates. gelli printing is a form of art called monoprinting and previously in order to do it you had to have a press to transfer the paints from the plate to the paper or fabric. Today there is a new thing called a gelli plate, …

The Art of Steampunk: How to Start

I get asked a lot about steampunk, what it is exactly and how to do it. So today I’m sharing The Art of Steampunk: How to Start post to let you into the world of steampunk. Steampunk is a subgenre of science fiction or science fantasy that incorporates technology and aesthetic designs inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery. Steampunk works are often set in an alternative history of the 19th century’s British Victorian era or American “Wild West” (Wikipedia). So basically steampunk for me is a lot of metal, cogwheels, mechanical parts etc.  Some people who are dealing with steampunk take the more fashionable side or even jewelry side but for me steampunk is mainly about incorporating metal in my creations. You can turn any project you’re working on into a steampunk project simply by adding metal to it. The point, however is to try not to use only shiney new metal, but to combine old parts with new parts. That will give …

Carving Your Own Stamps

I found a new addiction. Don’t worry it’s not dangerous unless you count staying up all night playing and it’s not costly unless you consider $6 expensive. Curious? Well…I started carving my own stamps! Now before you roll your eyes and asking “carving your own stamps, really?” let me just say I was sceptic first. I thought to myself not only does it seem hard but I don’t know how to draw and carved stamps never look too pretty. Well…I was wrong! First of all it’s super easy and everybody can do it and second you don’t need to know how to draw and you can make amazing custom made stamps. Let’s address these issues one by one and I promise you by the end of the post you’ll be convinced as I am!  Carving your own stampsCarving your own stamps is hardIf you have the right tools it’s not only easy but it’s fun! All you need is a carving …

Unconventional Craft Supplies

Unconventional craft supplies can be found everywhere, in our house, workplace and even in the street. The idea is to create art projects not from the supplies you are used to, but from things you would normally use for something else or throw away completely. It’s sometimes called recycling, upcycling or reusing, but it doesn’t matter what it’s called the important thing is the challenge of using something unconventional and create something beautiful. My altered art projects are basically the same idea, taking something you would not expect to turn into something different but do it anyway!   Unconventional Craft SuppliesPlastic ContainerI created this project for a DT I was in and I was looking for an original of the page project. I didn’t have any inspiration so I started organizing my room. Suddenly I saw this empty paper flower box and the idea just came to me. What if I could create a project that has a word popping out of …

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