Art Journal Page: Create

Sometimes art journal pages just create themselves. This is exactly what happened with the Art Journal Page: Create. From the moment the idea popped up in my head until it was finished only about 35 minutes have passed. This is one of the quickest pages I ever created.  Art Journal Page: CreateThe first thing I did was to stamp the area of where I planned to draw my hands. I wanted the page to have an industrial look so next I added some cogwheels. I created them with a stencil and black paint. The next layer was of cogwheel stamps with orange ink.    Once I was happy with the look of the layers I drew my hands and painted around them with black paint.  Then it was time to add more images and texture to the black background. I used the same stamps I used for the initial background only this time with a white ink. Finally I added a few words with …

Tag Mini Album with Graphic 45

Here’s a little sneak peek of my Tag Mini Album with Graphic 45. This mini album is full of interactive goodness inside. Lots of pockets, flaps and 3D embellishments. You might have thought that interactive designs are only for 8×8 mini albums but you can also create them on smaller tags!   Tag Mini Album with Graphic 45I created this tag with the amazing Olde Curiosity Shoppe collection which was recently brought back. I just love all the images on the paper like flying pigs, butterflies and boots with wings. I created this mini album for the CreativeWorld show in Frankfurt where I demoed it at the Graphic 45 booth. While being in the booth I continued working on it and I added many more details and interactive mechanisms.You can see all the details and the photos of this tag mini album on the Graphic 45 blog! You can also see my other projects there under my name on the design team …

15 Ways to Add Texture to Your Art Journal

Today i’m sharing 15 Ways to Add Texture to Your Art Journal. Texture in an art journal doesn’t necessarily means bold or bulky raised patterns. Texture can also be an addition of a paper layer or a different material than paper. My definition of texture is everything that you can feel with your finger when you move it across the page. Each of the numbered ways is linked to the tutorial for that art journal page.  15 Ways to Add Texture to Your Art Journal#1 Cut Paper Shape: punch or cut a paper and add it on top of your art journal page. I cut out a shape of a woman, painted it and wrote inside it and then glued it to the page.#2 Dimensional paint: use dimensional paint as a tool for drawing shapes or even letters. You can also use dimensional fabric paint it’ll have the same effect. I drew the circles with dimensional paint.#3 Letter stickers: Use letter …

Scrapbooking Tips: Using Modeling Paste on Layouts

Today’s episode on Scrapbooking Tips: Using Modeling Paste on Layouts. I get a lot of questions about how to combine mixed media techniques and scrapbooking. It’s actually very easy and simple. Today will review one way of doing that. Scrapbooking Tips: Using Modeling Paste on LayoutsFor this technique you’ll need modeling paste and a stencil. If you don’t have modeling paste you can also use heavy gesso or thick acrylic paint. Make sure the medium you are using is thick enough to create a pattern with the stencil and will not run under the stencil and destroy your pattern.  This technique is aimed for the background so make sure to apply it before you add photos or embellishments. Place the stencil on your page and add modeling paste to create a raised pattern on the background. I left the modeling paste white because i wanted a very mute background but you can add paint on it if you want a bolder background. …

20 More Things You Don’t Know About Me

 If you read 30 Things you don’t know about me then there is a lot about me you learned from that post. However there are 20 More Things You Don’t Know About Me That I think it’s time you do.  20 More Things You Don’t Know About MeI dye my hair with ginger color and then do bright highlights. My natural hair color is dark brown and I don’t like it.I sometimes buy shoes in the kids section. My shoe size is small 36 (European) or 5.5 (US) so sometimes I can’t find the shoes I want in the adults section and I get really pretty shoes that are intended for girls.I like cooking. Every Friday evening I cook a Sabbath dinner for my family. It’s very popular so we usually have guests.I would love going on a cruise one day however i get really sea sick on any kind of boat so I’m not sure I’ll be able to.I burned …

Ways to Add a Title to your Project

A title is a very important part of a layout, mini album or art journal page. Today I want to share Ways to Add a Title to your Project. There are many ways to add that title with positive and negative points to each way. Which way to use is up to you but my recommendation is to try as many ways as you can to make things more interesting.  Ways to Add a Title to your ProjectStringuse a string or a twine to sculpture the letters of the title. The best way to do that is to “write” the letter with glue and then attach the twine to the page. Do it letter by letter and allow time to dry.  Chipboard LettersThe reliable and easiest way is to use chipboard. The great thing about chipboard letters is that you can paint them, emboss them, cover them with glitter or flock, ink them, color them with colored pencils or markers. Basically you …

3 Reasons to Hand Write in Your Art Journal

I know some of you don’t like using their hand writing on their art journal pages. But I want to share my 3 Reasons to Hand Write in Your Art Journal and offer a new way of looking at your hand writing.  3 Reasons to Hand Write in Your Art JournalIt’s VersatileWhen you write your quote or sentence you have endless possibilities. You can decide on the font, the size, the color and the shape. When you use a stamp, a sticker or cut out letters you have to compromise on each of those things. When you use your own hand writing you can match the letters to the page and give then the exact look that you want.  On this page for example I wanted to show that different is good. So I wrote different letters with different shapes and sizes to get the message across.You Can PracticeYour art journal is where you can try new techniques and experiment with new …

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