Inside: 15 different ideas for adding art journal page texture


If you want to make interesting and expressive art journal pages try adding some texture. Art journal page texture is everything that you can feel with your finger when you move it across the page from very light brush strokes to surface covered with beads or sanding paper.





I have collected 15 different techniques and materials that can add texture to your art journal page.

Each of the numbered ways is linked to the tutorial for that art journal page.


#1 Cut Paper Shape: subtle art journal page texture

Punch or cut a paper and add it on top of your art journal page. I cut out a shape of a woman, painted it and wrote inside it and then glued it to the page.


#2 Glue Gun: use it like a pencil

Use a glue gun as a tool for drawing shapes or even letters and then color it with any paint or marker. You can also use dimensional fabric paint it'll have the same effect. I drew the curved lines with a glue gun.


#3 Letter stickers

Use letter stickers as a texture material and not for adding words or text. A really cool technique I used is to paint over the letter stickers and ten remove them. Only the first layer of the sticker is removes so a layer of paper that is glued to the page remains to create the texture.


#4 Micro beads

This is a great way to add 3D dots texture. They come in a variety of colors and have a little metallic look to them so they add a great effect to your page.


#5 Bandage

Use a regular bandage from the pharmacy to add a layer of rough texture to the page.




#6 Paper scraps

Use pattern paper scraps and tissue paper to add different weights of paper to your art journal page.


#7 Chipboard as art journal page texture

Chipboard letters or shapes can add texture as they are or you can paint them, glitter them or cover them in any medium to add another layer of texture.


#8 Washi tape

the versatility of washi tape patterns and sizes makes it the perfect texture addition to any art journal page. They are also really easy to layer and use with any medium.


#9 Gold paste

Any type of gold or shimmer paste would work. The wax base gives the paste the right consistency to be applied as texture. I used Inka Gold but other brands would work too. Apply it with a spatula or your finger.


#10 Modeling paste - the ultimate art journal page texture

Apply modeling paste with any stencil you have and then paint it, spray it or color with Gelatos or watercolors. I used butterflies that seem to jump out of the paper!



#11 Dry embossing

Emboss a piece of paper with an embossing folder and add as a background to the page.


#12 Stenciled pattern

Use thick paint or gesso and stencils to add patterned texture.


#13 Raised Stamping

Use found items in your home like tp rolls to stamp the page with gesso or paint. The stamped shape will be raised and textured because it was made with paint and not ink.


#14 Paper Layering

Use layers of paper to create not only texture but real depth in your art journal


#15 Old book pages

Add art journal page texture with old book pages or magazine papers. It will not only add texture but also special aged colors and shimmer.



These ways are just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more than 15 Ways to Add Texture to Your Art Journal. I'm sure you can come up with your own fun and interesting ideas.



Have fun creating!


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