Artists Trading Cards Steampunk Style

Hi dear crafty friends!Today I want to share with you my first ever ATC’s. Yes, I know it’s surprising but I never made any before. So of course the first ones I’ll create will be Artists Trading Cards Steampunk Style! I made six cards and as you’ll see they are for trade… Artists Trading Cards Steampunk StyleIf you’re not familiar with ATC’s here are the basics that you need to know:Size: 2.5″ x 3.5″You can use all mediumsCreate more than one and show your styleSign your name and add the card’s title on the backATC’s are for trade never for saleTo create the cards I used black cardstock which I covered with white gesso. Then I sprayed the cards with some ink sprays to give them a little color and shimmer.   The next step was to start adding the steampunk theme embellishments. I decided to create some weird looking images on some of the cards and on others I just added steampunk …

Steampunk Girl Reverse Canvas

Hi dear crafty friends!Today I want to share with you a different creation that I call: Steampunk Girl Reverse Canvas. The reason it’s different is that it’s weird, unusual and some would say spooky or even ugly.It is definitely not everybody’s cup of tea but I sometimes like creating these strange pieces of art. I would love to know waht you think…   Steampunk Girl Reverse CanvasThis piece started with a canvas I reversed and covered with tissue paper and then sprayed with very light colors. That was the frame for the girl, angel or ghost, you decide. BTW this is the fun part of art when every one sees something different! I created the steampunk girl from an old doll I had. I took out her legs, cut off all her hair and painted her with white gesso. Then I made her a wire skirt with a metal top. and added steampunk pieces to her head, face and body.     When she was …

Art Journal Page: I’m Fine

Hi dear crafty friendsToday I want to share with you a special Art Journal Page: I’m Fine. This page is a little different. It’s not colorful. happy or optimistic it’s the exact opposite. It has no smart quotes or message it is real, raw and revealing. It’s basically what an art journal is supposed to be.Art Journal Page: I’m FineI thought long and hard before sharing this page with you. It’s a very personal page that captures a certain period in my life that is difficult for me. It’s difficult to talk about it so creating is a great outlet for everything that is going inside of me. But do I feel sharing it in public? I decided I do and I will. I’m a real person and sometimes I have bad days and difficult issues to deal with that overwhelm me so I want to share that too. Not just the happy fun days but also the other side …

Vintage Nature Mini Album

Hi dear crafty friends!Today I want to share with you a new mini album I created. It is called: Vintage Nature Mini Album. This mini album is constructed in a special way and it is made with special papers too. Keep reading to find out more!  Vintage Nature Mini AlbumThe mini album is constructed in such a way that there is no binding needed. There is only a cover that is made from the same paper as the album. The entire mini album is built from a thick white cardstock. Water color paper will work well too. The idea is to combine a few papers and make the album look like an envelope that opens and opens. You will not need any additional supplies to create this mini album other than the white cardstock and the Vintage Nature paper collection.  Did I mention it’s completely downloadable? After you print it you can scroll down and check out the full step by step …

Scrapbooking Tips: Using Leftover Stickers

Hi dear crafty friends!It’s time for some more fun ideas for scrapbooking. And today on Scrapbooking Tips: Using Leftover Stickers. Let’s be honest, we all have a pile of sticker sheets we don’t need and don’t use just sitting in our stash right? Here’s a little tip on how to use them.  Scrapbooking Tips: Using Leftover StickersWe all have them. Those half used sticker sheets with only the letters we can’t use because they don’t make up any word. So all the “Z”, “X”, “W” and “D” are just sitting there and we can’t use them. Well… I have an idea! Use them as texture not as words! When we look at a letter we immediately combine it with other letters to form a word. It’s automatic, we can’t help it. But if you try looking at a letter in a different way you’ll discover it’s basically a shape. 24 shapes to be exact.   So let’s use the leftover letter stickers as …

Water Colors Adventures: Art Journaling

Hi dear crafty friends!Recently I told you I discovered water colors but now I can say I can’t get enough of them. So I continue my Water Colors Adventures: Art Journaling. I love their look on an art journal page and I love the color play, layers and transparency I can achieve with them.Water Colors Adventures: Art JournalingThis time I challenged my self not only to continue playing with water colors but also to create a page without a title or a quote. It was a struggle. I kept feeling the page is too empty and had to go back to it several times and add more details. It was also a great thing to discover that water colors go really well with stencils too. I kind of liked the bluring of the lines and that some of the paint seeped under the stencil.    If you haven’t tried water colors before please give it a try. I know I said it …

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