Love Notes Mini Album with Graphic 45

Hi dear crafty friends! Time is flying so fast it’s almost Valentine’s Day. So today I want to share a Love Notes Mini Album with Graphic 45. It’s a fast project you can make for someone special as a card and a gift!     Love Notes Mini Album with Graphic 45 1. Use six ATC envelopes to create the pages of the mini album.     2. Punch a hole on the closed side of each envelope and bind with a ring.     3. Embellish each envelope with Valentine’s day themed papers.     4. Add a tag to each envelope. Write your gift on the tag. For example: home cooked dinner, massage etc.     5. Embellish the ring with ribbons.     Here are some suggestions for the envelope embellishments. Cut elements from the paper and use as embellishments or use stickers, stamps and ribbons.       This Love Notes Mini Album with Graphic 45 is really easy and fun …

Leftover Chipboard Mixed Media Canvas

Hi dear crafty friends! Do you have a lot of chipboard leftovers? letters, pieces you can’t find what to do with and even the chipboard sheets that held the shapes you already used. I don’t throw them away and I have a LOT! So today i want to share with you how to create a Leftover Chipboard Mixed Media Canvas. Leftover Chipboard Mixed Media Canvas For this canvas I used an 8×8 canvas. First I added a little texture to the background with a stencil and modeling paste. Then I started adding leftover chipboard letters.     The next step was to add leftover chipboard sheets in the center to add height to more chipboard shapes like borders and frames. I also used circle chipboards that had the letters in them.     Then I painted everything with black gesso and added metallic paints. To finish the canvas I added a few metal shapes to compliment the paints. The final …


  Inside: how to decorate a box with chipboard   My one great craft supply weakness is boxes! I admit I can’t throw them away and every box I see is a potential craft project for me. So I have a pile of boxes from all materials in my craft room and I get to stare at them daily. But sometimes inspiration strikes and I take one box and make it into something beautiful…     ALTERING AND EMBELLISHING BOXES   Boxes are a great thing to alter or embellish: They are made of materials that are easy to cover with paper, paint or color. Boxes are useful so altering them is not just taking care of the environment but also creating more storage for you. You can find boxes in all shapes and sizes. They are 3D which allows more design options. You can decorate them with almost any object or embellishments.   DECORATE A BOX WITH CHIPBOARD   …

Scrapbooking Tips: Using Circle Photos

Hi dear crafty friends! Today I’m sharing on Scrapbooking Tips: Using Circle Photos. I think using square or rectangle photos all the time is a little boring. let’s jazz things up by changing the photo’s shape!       Scrapbooking Tips: Using Circle Photos         Instead of using rectangle or square photos on your pages try cutting your photos in a circle shape. You can use a circle cutting system or if you don’t have one draw a circle on a piece of cardstock and create a template. Then trace the circle on your photo with a pencil and cut with scissors. Using circle photos can: Add movement to the page because the circle has a flow to it that you can’t get in a square. Add interest by changing the normal shape you would expect to see to a new and surprising shape. Add an artistic look to your page just by adding a new shape. …

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