Art Journal Page: Different is Good

I had the best time creating with some friends. I always have the best inspiration when I'm with them. This time I created an Art Journal Page: Different is Good with some of Dyan Reaveley quirky stamps. I just love these stamps, they are so funky and crazy and I love the fact you can take them apart and create new ladies. There is no video but I did take some photos while creating the page so you can get an idea of how I created it.




Art Journal Page: Different is Good

Step 1: I stamped a heavy watercolor paper with black permanent ink. Using a permanent ink is important so the lines won't bleed when coloring the stamps.




Step 2: I colored the stamps with water colors. This step is optional. You can color the stamps with any medium you like or just leave them as they are.




Step 3: Cut the ladies into parts: heads, legs and bodies. This way you'll be able to reassemble them in any way you want. I decided to go really crazy and replace one girl's head with a frog's head.




Step 4: Create the background of the art journal page. First I sprayed the page with some sprays. Then I cut the scrap paper I cleaned my water brush on into strips. I attached the strips to the page. Then I stamped the page with some circles and added a swirly border on the bottom. I colored some strips with different water colors.




Step 5: Assemble the ladies on the page. I assembled three ladies: one with a complete body, another one with a frog's head and the third with only a head and legs. Finally I added the title. I tried to write it in a funky quirky style like the rest of the page.

I really like how this page turned out. I do think different is good. Be yourself and don't change to conform to some other people ideas or lives. I think this is what art is all about, express yourself and don't be afraid to be different. This is what the Art Journal Page: Different is Good is all about! Another important thing I like about this page is the use of scrap paper that seem to be completely unwanted. But if you look at anything like a raw material you can use and maximize what you have you can create amazing things!

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