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Are you tired of having all your scrapbook pages look the same? Do you want to liven things up and make some new and interesting pages? Today I want to introduce to you a fun, whimsical and very unique scrapbook page style that you can make to create beautiful story like pages. This style of scrapbooking doesn't really have an official name so let's call it a storybook page style.





Different scrapbookers have different styles and they create different pages. Some layouts will look clean and simple, others will be layered with patterned papers and embellishments. Some might have a funky, retro look while others look vintage and old-fashioned. These different looks are the scrapbook pages style. It’s simply the fashion of the page. It’s the look, the feel and the mood. It might be clean and simple, or funky, romantic or trendy.








This is a minimalist style of design. The photos are cut into squares or rectangles, and placed on solid paper backgrounds or papers with simple patterns like stripes, plaids, dots or flowers. The page will have contemporary colors like green, red, yellow and blue. There aren't many embellishments: a few brads, or a metal clip at the corner of the photo. There's usually one large photo and it is visible and stands out with the journaling. The clean, simple background is great for photos with lots of color and images. It’s also a nice option for when you just don’t know what style to use!




The opposite of clean and simple the ephemera style page will have lots of different products, often arranged in a collage style. The page will probably include more than one pattern paper and the patterns on the paper will be rich in darker colors like brown, grey and black. The page will have lots of journaling and embellishments, usually including metal. The elements will be placed at an angle or overlapping. It’s not a messy look—it’s one that’s loaded with lots of texture, color and interest. It’s perfect for masculine photos, heritage pictures and travel pages. Black and white photos also look great with this style.





A close cousin to the Ephemera style, this look combines patterned papers and uses lots of embellishments, but also features lighter colors like pale pink, dusty mauve and light blue. Elements on the page will include torn paper and inked edges and embellishments will look like they came from your grandmother sewing box: buttons, ribbons and threads. This style of scrapbook pages will be great for feminine pages, especially heritage. It’s also a great look for travel pages.




A fun and "moving" style that incorporates paper elements that move like flaps or pockets. This style is great for any of the other styles mentioned here and will work best in mini albums or pages you need to include lots of photos.




How do you know what is your scrapbook pages style? Just look at pages online and see what you like about them. Here are a few elements to consider:

  • Color of page and papers
  • Number and size of photos
  • Type of embellishments on the page
  • Composition: the way all the elements are arranged on the layout
  • The mood of the page





YES! The style of your scrapbook pages is fluid and it can change according to the photo you're working with. A page design for a newborn will be different than a page style with your grandmother black and white photo.

Not only that your style can change from page to page it can also change from year to year. Maybe you've evolved creatively or learnt new techniques so your style of design will change with it. So to summarize... you can have many scrapbook pages styles and you can change them whenever you want!




This fun and whimsical style is a new way of telling the story behind your photos. It will work with any of the styles that were listed and it will work with any style photo. The story like style uses cut out photos of people to basically create a new story for it. You eliminate any background from the photo and only use the image of the person on your page while creating a scene or a story.

Here's how to do it:

  • Pick photos that you can cut an image of a person out of the photo. Make sure that the background is not important and you can discard.
  • Cut out the image/s out.
  • Think of the story you want to tell and what do you need to add to tell it. consider the background, embellishments and journaling.
  • Arrange the elements of the layout on the page to create the story or scene.
  • Attach all the elements.

Here are some scrapbook pages ideas that are designed in this style:



To make the photo pop I added a solid background behind it. The background also helps define the photo since it is not complete and is cut from the bottom. The background functions as part of the photo and make it grounded on the layout and not floating around.



I used three different photos to create a story. When cutting out the photos pay attention to the direction of the photo and place it on the page accordingly. Here the two outer photos are looking in on the center photo.



When you have a few different photos that you want to scrap but they seem to have no common subject cut out the images and create a collage that tells the story behind them.



In this page I created a story about reading books. I cut out the photo and then created a background featuring letters and books to complete the theme of stories and books.



The angle of the photo you cut out can give you the inspiration for the entire page of the page.



This fun page is a scene of a garden with large flowers. When creating a scene you need to consider the size of the photo and the embellishments you add to the page. Do you want them to be in the same size or different?




How to scrap bad photos

Magic of creation

Flying on a kite

Sitting on the window

Vintage style page

Black and white photos


This whimsical and fun scrapbook pages style will give your imagination a free hand to create stories and scenes with not so good photos, boring background photos or just beautiful images you can add to a new story.


SAVE it for later - PIN IT!



Have fun creating!









  • Beautiful!!

    How do you cut out the photos so perfectly?
    I’d like to try this but I’m not sure I could cut around hands and delicate areas



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