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Let's go back a few years to when you were a kid, do you remember the amazing feeling you had when you discovered something new? It was a blend of magic, wonder and excitement of seeing something for the first time. This is how I felt when I first tried watercolor powder, it was pure magic to me!





Watercolor powder is basically a watercolor paint product that comes in a powder form. The product can be mixed with water and used in many different ways. Powders can also be mixed with other liquid, gel, paint and paste mediums to customize the colors of those products.


None of the colors are really 'pure' colors - there is a blend of several colors within each bottle or pot that creates its own blend when activated to produce a given color. The color of the powder can actually be deceiving. So a green blend may include blue, yellow and brown powders. Orange has a blend of pink, orange, and yellow. Black contains blue, brown, and grey. The colors may remain separate with a light misting of water. With more water or blending, they will combine to the intended color.




All watercolor powders are activated by water. There are many techniques to use this product:

  • Sprinkle the powder on the page and spritz it with water. The powder will dissolve into the water and you'll get a firework effect. The more you spritz it the more liquid it will be and you can tilt the paper and the paint will flow and drip.
  • Spritz the water on the page and then sprinkle the powder. The minute that the powder touches the water it dissolves and spreads on the page.
  • You can add more than one color of watercolor powder and they will mix on the page.
  • Wait until the page is dry and then lift the color by spritzing water directly on the page or through a stencil. Then use a paper towel to blot the page and dry the water.
  • Create more contrast by using bleach to brush away color. Fill a water pen with bleach and color areas or even write on the page. The bleach will remove the paint all together.
  • Make prints by activating the watercolor powder not on the page but on a non porous surface. Then lay tags or papee directly on the paint to transfer it to the paper. You can color a seam binding this way or even load a stamp with color and stamp on a project.
  • Add a clear embossed image to the paper and then sprinkle watercolor powder and activate i with a spritzer. The embossed image will resist the water and aonlythe paper around it will be colored.






I used the following technique on a mixed media scrapbook layout with a few other techniques. Here's how to do it:


  • Put a little powder on a plastic wrap and spritzed it with water. Then add as much water as you want until you reach the desired consistency of the paint.



  • Flip the plastic wrap on the paper and press it against it. This will create a pool of paint on the page and add color to the background.



  • Add more color with paper towel dabbing. Spritz a color spray on the paper towel and dab it on the paper. This will create little spots of color, however since this is transferred to the paper and not sprayed directly the color is very muted and soft.
  • Next use a stencil and modeling paste to create a white leafs pattern on the page. I used the same stencil with pink mist to add another layer of leafs.





  • Finally  add some fussy cutting images, stickers and leafs, a photo and a title.


You can use this technique on other projects like art journal page or mixed media canvas. Another fun way to use this technique is to color tissue paper and attach that to any surface with gel medium.


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