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12 Cards of Christmas – Snowflakes Cards

Hi dear crafty friends!

Today on 12 Cards of Christmas - Snowflakes Cards. I know it's not winter all over the world and not every one gets snow on Christmas but since I love snow I wanted to make to cards with a snowflake motif. This way if I don't get real snow at least I'll get it on a card 🙂



12 Cards of Christmas - Snowflakes Cards

Gig Snowflake Card

I just love creating snowflakes. It's easy if you keep in mind that a snowflake has six identical sides. So basically you have to repeat yourself six times and then you get a really beautiful design. I came up with a simple way to create a big snowflake on a card.



Snowflakes Wreath Card

For the next card I used a snowflake shape in a different way. I created a wreath assembled from little red and green snowflakes. Who said that snowflakes had to be white? It's the time that anything is possible right? So let's color the snowflakes in some holiday green and red. It will also be really beautiful to create a Christmas tree with the same technique. Only instead of arranging the snowflakes in a circle arrange them in a triangle.




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